The Inner Game of Trading

Working on the Mental Game

It’s well known in trading the your trading psychology, your mindset plays a big role in your trading success. I heard this over and over again when I got in to trading. The problem was, how could I work on my mindset if my method or system was not very profitable?

The majority of traders never get a chance to work on their mental game because they spend all of their time trying to find a solid method that works at least 60%, or 70% of the time. Who has time to work in the inner game of trading when turning a profit seems almost impossible?

One of the problems is the trading industry is full of misinformation. The idea that you need more and more technology, Trading Robots, Mechanical Systems, Market Algorithms, and the list goes on an one. Simplicity is the foundation of success. But in order to accept that you have to let go of all that trading information that you have collected. You have to accept that trading can be simple and let go of what you think you know about trading.

We use one chart and a few indicators to trade from. That’s it. Nothing proprietary. And because it’s simple we don’t have to spend hours and hours going over charts and doing homework. Our methods work consistently every day. Sure we have losses, that’s part of the game but our consistency and accuracy puts us in the 80% to 90% category. Because of that, traders who work with us have the opportunity few traders ever have, and that’s the time to work on their mental game.

There are 2 basic phases that all traders must go through. The first is the technical phase where they are just learning the basics of how we trade, the nuts and bolts of what we do. They must train their eyes to see what a high probability trade looks like because you can’t trade what you can’t see. If you don’t know what a high probability trade setup looks like you can’t trade it. We can teach most traders how to see the market and what high probability trades look like in a weeks times. But that is only the first phase.

The second phase is learning to trust the methods you trade and this goes to the inner game. Most traders learn how to see all sorts of things from their research, but typically those things are unreliable at best and at worst they end up falling apart. So learning to trust never happens because their methods do not hold up in real time trading. The second phase is the phase most traders never get to as they are stuck on phase one just trying to find something that works.

Our methods work, so our traders have no choice but to work on their inner game. Why do I say they have no choice? Because you can’t trade what you can’t see. That’s the first phase. But you won’t trade what you don’t trust, and that is where the real work comes in during the second phase.

Knowing how to trade and actually trading are two different things. Knowledge is not power, it’s the application of knowledge that is real power. The majority of traders suffer from a “Wealth of Knowledge but a Poverty of Understanding”. Too much useless information dominates their trading world. When I show traders how the market works, and what high probability trades look like the light bulb goes on. But then, they realize they are going to have to apply what they know and then hesitation kicks in. All of their negative associations from past trading experiences begin to rear their ugly head and they begin to break down no matter how good the method is.

This is where we have to reprogram the trading mindset by going through a series of exercises designed to build trust and confidence, and in the process eliminate the negative associations, this is how trust is built. It will take time and effort. Every successful trader has been through this process and finally reaches the other side where they truly trust what they are doing to turn a profit in the long run and accept losing trades as part of the game, not the end of the world.

You can’t trade what you can’t see! We can show you how to see in a short time.

You won’t trade what you don’t trust! This is where all traders work ultimately lies and with our methods, you will finally have the opportunity to learn to trust your trading and yourself.

Good Trading!