The Basics

It’s what most traders neglected to learn and the one thing all successful traders have mastered. A basic understanding of market movement is all that is required to make profitable trading decisions.

Simple rules. A rule based method allows you to be consistent with your approach. When you are consistent with your approach you will be consistent with your results.

Less is more. When traders streamline their methods they realize that simple is better and a lot less stressful.

Nothing proprietary needed. Do not waste money on expensive software or indicators. All charting programs have the tools you need to analyze the market like a professional.

The market is always right. Remove your opinions from your trading. Successful traders let the market make their trading decisions. If the market is always right, why do it differently?

The lost art of chart reading. Struggling traders can tell you all about indicators but don’t know how to read a chart. We teach “the lost art of chart reading”.

The mental game. When you have a consistent way of approaching the market you will be able to work on your mental game. Long term success is only possible by addressing your beliefs about money and risk, then mastering emotional control.

Focus on cash flow. This is a business and you want daily cash flow. Focus on consistently achieving conservative point goals and creating a consistent income. Nothing breeds success like success.

2 10 40™ Trading Plan. 2 points per day, 10 points per week, and 40 points per month. A simple plan that results in consistency. It works because the goals are conservative. It is only when you are consistent each day that can you add contracts to reach larger monetary goals.

2 10 40™ Timing. 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month. You want to achieve your daily goals in the shortest amount of time so you can enjoy the freedom you were looking for when you started trading. 2 hours a day is more than enough time to achieve conservative daily goals.

Consistency. It’s not how much you make, it’s how consistently you make it. When you are able to hit a 2 point goal on a daily basis it becomes a game changer.

See the power of 2 points below:

A Simple Concept

Master One Market: We specialize in the Emini S&P.

Master One Chart: All trading decisions come from one chart.

Master Your Emotions: Minimize emotions following a simple set of rules combined with our 2 10 40™ Trading Plan.

Master Your Trading: This is achieved by limiting your focus, following a systematic streamlined approach, and practicing emotional control.

 Program highlights:

  1. Map out your morning in 10 minutes or less
  2. Hit your daily trading goal in 2 hours or less
  3. Easily identify what side of the market to trade from
  4. Quickly identify support and resistance
  5. Entries & Targets in advance
  6. 2 10 40 Trading Plan – The Power of Consistency
  7. Inter market analysis – The best indicator you will find

It’s time to take action!

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