About Us

We have over 17 years experience trading the S&P

Our mission is to teach high probability strategies to select individuals who are serious about becoming a professional Emini trader. We developed a streamlined approach to trading the emini S&P based on qualified support and resistance. Our program strips away the myths surrounding trading the S&P. Our methods are clear, concise, and above all, accurate. We set realistic goals and focus on quality over quantity. What sets us apart is our simplified approach to trading allowing for true learning to occur without getting bogged down in the irrelevant details other methods would have your believe are necessary to be successful. Our belief: “In trading less is more”.

Our Objective:

1) Trade a simple method with a high winning percentage

2) Make 2 to 3 points per day

3) Achieve that goal in the first 3 hours of trading

4) Enjoy the freedom emini trading can provide