The Best Kept Emini Secret

All you have to do is find one thing, one setup, one strategy in trading that works, then do that over and over again. When you focus on and master just one setup you will build confidence and consistency, the hallmark of professional traders.

Every career out there has specialists. Doctors specialize, attorneys specialize, engineers specialize, real estate professionals specialize….trading is no different, but most never see it like that. These fields specialize because they know that by being the best at ONE thing they will be the most successful. Traders who are successful understand this concept and apply it every day in their trading.

You’ve heard of the saying “The Jack of all trades and the master of none”. This is who most traders are, they are the Jack of all Trades but have not taken the time to master one simple setup or strategy, and so their efforts are fragmented across multiple markets and multiple timeframes while the answer to their search for profits has been right in front of them the whole time. Focus on ONE thing.

It’s the simple methods that produce the most profits and that are the easiest to master. Once you apply this concept your trading will turn around. Most of you will not believe this simple trading truth. You will do nothing to change how you trade even though it’s not working. The industry wants you to believe you need loads of information, 4 indicators, 5 monitors, multiple setups, and multiple markets. It’s designed to keep you confused. To keep you in the mode of paralysis of analysis. To keep you part of the 90% who lose. The whole system is designed to take your money.

You have to be smarter than the system. Forget about what you were told. Focus on what you know. The basics. Traders were making fortunes trading long before there were computers. Back then, 90% of all traders lost money. Today with high powered trading computers 90% of all traders still lose money. So we know technology and computers are not the answer. All they have done is make it easier for the 90% who lose to play the game.

Focus on the basics. That is what we teach. Understand the simple concept of support and resistance and how to objectively identify it in real time on any timeframe. Then find a simple strategy that exploits your specialized niche. This is not difficult to do. We do it every day in our live trading room. No need to get fancy. Remember clever never wins in the long run. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Slow and steady, building consistency along with confidence is the sure path to trading success.

We can show you a simple strategy that works every day in the emini S&P. We can show you how to spot support and resistance quickly and easily. And we can show you how to execute your trades with minimal risk while you trade for consistent profits taken at highly accurate and reliable targets.

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