I just wanted to let you know that your methodology has allowed me to take my trading to a whole new level.  After 7 years of trading the futures market I am now a consistently profitable day trader.  Trading along side of you I have dramatically improved my risk management, trading discipline, and ability to stay on the right side of the market.  I completely see the market differently now.  It is so refreshing starting my trading day KNOWING that I have a winning methodology, rather than wondering how this day or this week will turn out.

You are a gifted teacher and I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in to help traders.  You are the first pro trader that I have ever seen who can articulate how market structure works.

Although the S&P is my primary instrument, I’m applying your methodology to currencies, bonds, and crude oil with equal success.  I can’t thank you enough.  Please use me as a reference.             TR, Austin, TX

With all the vendors and trade rooms advertised on the Internet, it’s tough to know who to trust. The eminimony.com trade room is one that not only makes calls, but teaches you the CORRECT way to trade and see the markets.

J.C. is a great mentor who focuses on the charts AND the importance of emotion control and trading psychology. He has put together a trading methodology that is simple, but extremely effective for day trading any market. In over 12 years of searching for the right way to trade, I have found it and feel lucky to have done so!

J.C. is always accessible and gives his students his full attention and is always available for support after trading hours. It’s a privilege to have found a mentor like J.C. who actually cares and knows what it takes to trade successfully.
E.H., Illinois

Eminimony is a one stop shop for trading the ES market!  From market structure to trade setup qualifiers to specific exits… everything you need to successfully trade the ES market is reviewed daily in this room. The room moderator describes what is required for a trade to set up and where the entry area will be IN REAL TIME.

After the trade is over a complete review of the events is given to provide a thorough understanding of how it set up.  Technical support is second to none; all questions are answered promptly and thoroughly explained.  The education doesn’t stop there as the instructor shares invaluable information about developing a personalized trading plan, market psychology and money management.

Like any other business, hard work and knowledge is required to succeed.Eminimony has provided me with the knowledge required to become a successful trader.
John C.,  Chicago

JC,  I wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you have done for me.  I can truly say that you are the only reason I’m still trading today.  Before training with you, I had absolutely no idea how the market really worked.  I just wish that I would have started my training with you years ago because I would have saved myself so much money and time!!  Thank you!!!
Carlo B., Maryland

There’s a smorgasborg of trading rooms out there, in which most put a bad taste in your mouth & wallet. Eninimony teaches you the nuts & bolts of trading. JC will teach you fundimentals, support & resistance, and how to make money trading everyday. He’s a man of integrity and he goes the extra distance to help you become a successful trader.
E. B. Naperville, IL

I have known JC for 2 years and from day one he was an excellent support and mentor.  He has the special ability of being an excellent teacher with extreme patience and understanding. Although 2 traders are never alike, he constantly drills in the point of being disciplined at trading and that patience will be rewarded. He would always say you don’t have to trade every tick and turn of the market but be patient and the rewards will come. Having a mentor that you are able to watch and learn while they trade in real time and ask questions is extremely invaluable.  JC teaches you the fundamentals of trading so as not to be dependent upon him, but to give you the tools and to make yourself the best trader that you can possibly be. Some teachers charge you  a fortune and then your left feeling confused and frustrated because you could not follow or understand their methodology.  JC has a solid, consistent approach to trading that goes well beyond just trading, into more about learning about yourself and mastering your emotions. JC is beyond a doubt the real deal and has shown often times that he is able to call the market to the tick.  Nothing is 100%, however JC teaches on how to trade the market with remarkable accuracy.  Last but not least it is an honor to have known JC and over the time period he has become a great friend which extends well beyond just trading. Thanks JC
Angelo F., Bermuda