Q: What size stop do you typically use when trading the Emini S&P?

A: We use a 1.5 to 2 point stop. That allows the market to breathe without taking on unwarranted risk. If you understand support and resistance you should be able to trade with a 2 point stop max.

Q: How many trades do you take in a day?

A: It varies but our goal is to take 2 or 3 solid trades in the morning, and 1 or 2 in the afternoon. There are days where we could have 6 or 7 trades, but we do not like to over trade, and if we follow our rules, 2 or 3 trades per day will allow us to easily hit conservative daily targets.

Q: How many points do you look to take on an average day?

A: We believe that conservative goals trading the Emini S&P are the best approach. While it would be great to make 10 or 15 points per day, we know that most traders are not accomplishing that. We look for 3 to 4 points per day per contract. We believe those goals to be realistic and achievable once you have a thorough understanding of the method. Up front we use our 2 10 40™ Trading Plan which has very conservative goals of 2 points per day, 10 points per week, 40 points per month. This is the foundation that must be laid before we can build to higher point profits.

Q: How do you manage your trades?

A: The first rule of thumb is “capital preservation”. We like to take some contracts off at 1 point, then let the market make it’s way to our extended targets. By taking some off we pay the “fear and greed”, cross the line to having nothing at risk, and allow our “free trade” to progress with out getting too emotional about it.

Q: What is your method based on?

A: Our method is based on one solid set up and a few variations. It provides us with more than enough opportunities each day. We trade from one chart, one timeframe. We have found that simple is better and is far less stressful to make money trading than complicating the whole process as most methods do. In short, we buy “qualified support and sell qualified resistance”!

Q: Do you guys use support and resistance?

A: Yes, that is the foundation of what we do and how we trade. All of our levels of support and resistance come right off the chart. Our support and resistance is 100% objective. If two traders using our method look at the same chart, they will come to the same conclusion for support and resistance.

Q: What is the percentage of winning trades using  your method? 

A: We average 80+% winners. More aggressive traders will have slightly lower percentages while more conservative traders may have a slightly higher percentage. It’s a personal choice. Our philosophy is “if you can make your daily goal being conservative, why be aggressive?”

Q: How is your course taught?

A: We teach in real time right in our room. We believe that is the best way to learn to trade the Emini S&P. We also have after hours classes to go deeper in to our explanations and concepts. This allows our students to ask questions without the distraction of live market action where we can answer questions using numerous examples from previous days. All students go through an orientation so they are familiar with our trading concepts and terminology.

Q: Do you have videos?

A: We have a video training library for students to reference and review at their convenience. This will provide members the ability to go over concepts and strategies at their convenience and reinforce the skill set they are taught in real time during the day.

Q: Do we have access to the room moderator to be able to ask questions that might come up over the weekend or evenings?

A: Yes, the room moderator answers emails and questions as quickly as possible to ensure any clarification students need is handled in a timely manner. Of course questions asked right in the room in real time are answered right on the spot. If not, they are put on hold till a trade finishes up and then they are answered. We do not leave anyone hanging.

Q: Do you help us with trading psychology, how to work on the mental game?

A: Yes, we have numerous resources for those students wanting to work on their mental game of trading. Trading success is just like any other success…..because SUCCESS IS A HABIT! We want to help our students cultivate good habits for success in trading and in life. We also know that many come to us with battle scars from previous experiences both trading and with other courses. We take this seriously and want you to know that we will do whatever we can to help you get past those negative experiences and reprogram your mind for “Trading Success”!

Q: Will I have to acquire a sophisticated charting package?

A: No, you can trade our methods using any standard charting platform which are low cost, or free, depending upon your futures broker.

Q: Is the eminimony program for beginners or pros?

A:  We have a wide range of experience and skill levels in the room – some are brand new e-mini traders and some are professional traders.  We focus on teaching students how to understand the fundamentals of market behavior,  execute high probability trades, and manage risk like a pro.  Our goal is to help traders take their performance to the next level.

Q: Does your method work only on the S&P eminis?

A: No, our method is based upon fundamental market structure.  Once you understand that, you can apply these techniques to other markets.  In the room we focus on the emini S&P to keep things consistent and simple, but as you develop as a trader you can easily branch out to other liquid markets such as FOREX currencies, crude oil, bonds, metals, stocks, etc.