2013 Results

2013 December Total: 41.50

Tuesday December 31st member training only

Monday December 30th member training only

Friday December 27th room closed.

Thursday December 26th member training only.

Wednesday December 25th Christmas Day…..No Trading.

Tuesday December 24th Christmas Eve….No Trading.

Monday December 23rd Shorts triggered right before the open against 1822.75. In addition a premarket print of 1821.75 = a test of 1820.5. Short 1822.25 for +1 and our initial 1820.50 test. Then we let the market sort it out. We did trade lower to our 1819.25 target and tried secondary scalps below 1821. Short 1820.50 for +.5. It’s holiday trading and holiday volume so we will call it a morning. Total for the morning: +1.5

Friday December 20th: Long 1805.75 right after the open with 1806.75 and 1808.75 upside targets. +1, +2 and +3. We had to wait a bit for the market to test the 1808.75 after a run to 1812.50 area. Long 1809.50 for +.75 as we scalped initial profits and +2 and +3 on the balance and our 1812.75 target hit. Total for the morning: +2

Thursday December 19th: Long on a test of 1799. Long 1799.50 for +1 and our 1802 upside target. Below 1799 shorts are triggered. Short 1798.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +2

Wednesday December 18th: Longs in play at the open with 1776 good support. Long 1776 for +1 and +2, just missing our 177950 target. The ES broke hard but no shorts triggered. Back above 1777.50 longs again. Long 1777.50  f0r +.75 in front or 1778.50 a major resistance level. Eventually ES broke below 1776 triggering shorts. Short 1776 +.25, one tick as did not like the buyers. The market did get to our 1774 target but with FOMC today was in interested in waiting on it to hit target. . Total for the morning: +2

Tuesday December 17th: The ES broke right off the open breaking key 1780. The quick test of 1780 was too quick to short and we do not want to chase. A break of 79 triggered lower targets. Tried shorting 1778.50 but still no fill. OK a “print” of 1776.75 = 1775 and lower. short 1776.75 for +1 and +2.  1778 area will be best for shorts on the bounce. Short 1778 for +1 and +2. YM still positive on the day and ES negative so will leave additional shorts alone for the time being. A break of 1774 will trigger more downside and 1770.50 target. Short 1773 for +1  and +2. Total for the morning: +3

Monday December 16th: We had shorts triggered right at the open but right above strong support. Shorts are good below 1779. Short 1778 and out very quickly for -1.25 as 79 broken. YM and ES both went straight up. We are looking for longs off of 81.75/82 area but no pullback. A move above 1783.75 = longs 1784.25. Long 1784.25 for +1 and +2 hit but not filled. 1786.50 was upside target with 87 possible if 86.50 breaks. Did not get that either. Will try longs one more time at 1782.75 for +1 and tough 1784 res hit. below 1783 shorts are triggered but right on top of 1781 area support we looked for earlier. Will hit longs one more time. Long 1781.75. After almost 30 minutes + 1 tick and flat. A break of 81 = a 79 area test. Short 1780.75 for +1 and our 79 test.  Total for the morning: +2

Friday December 13th: Friday the 13th but the market was well behaved after roll day to March 2014 contract. Short 1772 and 1774 both res levels as no longs in site and YM weaker overall. +1 and +2 and +3 on both positions. Then we had to be very patient. A break of YM 680 and ES 1768 says ES 1766.75 tested. Short 1767.50 for +1 and our target easily filled and hit. That was enough as ES went in to a tight range. Total for the day: +2

Thursday December 12th: We had shorts triggered right at the open with a strong YM so scalps are in order. Short 1780.75 for +1 and flat. ES took out small res but not looking for longs just yet. ES broke 1781 and YM broke hard through all support and new lows. Short ES 1781 for +1 and +2. A break os 1779.75 = a 1777 test. Short again 1799.50 for +1 and +2. We let news pass and a move below 1779 again triggers shorts. Short 1778 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +4

Wednesday December 11th: ES broke 1803 right before the open. Instant shorts at the open 1802.25 for a test of 1801.25 and lower. +1 . A print of 1800.75 we will short 1800.75. Short 1800.75 for +1. A break of 1799/98 is critical. We break 1799/98 we will test 1793.75, 1790.75, 1789, and 1786 as long as shorts keep breaking support along the way. Nothing done until after 1798 broken and short 1796.50 and 1797.25 for +1, +2, and +4 and flat. That was enough for the morning. Total for the morning: +3

Tuesday December 10th: Shorts are still in play at the open with key 1805.50 resistance overhead. No longs in sight so it’s secondary shorts with caution as the market has move 9 points from the overnight high and bouncing. Short 1805.25 for +1. Will hit is again. Short 1805.50 for +1. In spite of buyers holding he 1803.50 area, sellers will not quite  selling anything above 1805.50 and will stay short for +2 on the balance. Additional shorts are triggered just before news. Any shorts taken right before the report are risky and a move above 1804.50/1805 says shorts are done. Short 1804.50 and out quickly for -1. Above 1806 longs are triggered. Long 1806.75 for +1 and close to our 1808.25 target. We will leave it alone until we break 1808.25 or break 1805.50. Ok 1805.50 broken and short 1805.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +3

Monday December 9th: No news today after the open and a tight overnight range above the key 1808.50 had us looking for longs off the open. We have 2 areas for longs 1809 and 1808.50. Long 1809.25 (a little high) and 1808.75 more reasonable. It took a while, around 30 minutes but patience (stubborn?) paid off on the longs and our 1811.50 target hit to the tick. A break of 1809 = a test of 1811.50 so add on at 1809.75. It was fast and 1809.50’s were not filled. Exit everything in front of 1811.50 for +1 and +2 on the initial 1809.25 longs and +1 on the 1809.75 add on. Then sit tight. A break of 1809 says a test of 1806/05 area should be tested. Short 1808.75/1809.25, split small order. Will scalp as 1807 buyers are relentless. +.5. Again, longs above 1809. Long 1809.50 for +1 and that is enough for the AM trading in this lackluster market. Total for the morning: +2.5

Friday December 6th: The jobs report came out and the market moved 17 points to key 1802/1803 resistance levels. Market was holding 1801 support in to the open. Long 1801.50 for +1 and a test of 1802.25 and flat. A break of 1801 = a test of 1799 and will try longs one more time there though not our typical trade. Long 1799 for +1. Just scalps here in a tight range with Consumer Sentiment coming out 5 minutes till the hour. The report came out favorable and buyers stepped in at 1800 as expected. Long 1800.50 for +1 and will hold as long at 1799 holds. 1799 tested multiple times and held with a move back to 1801.75/50. Sellers were relentless and after almost 30 minutes holding exited with a few ticks on the last contracts. A break of 1799 = a test of 1797/1796.50. 99 broken and short 1798.75 and 1799.50. +1 and +2 on both with our 1796.50 target hit. Total for the morning: +4

Thursday December 5th: Coming in to the open we were already in sell mode from the early morning reports with a break below 92 area says a test of 1789 and a break of 1789 = 1785. Secondary shorts triggered below 1789.50. Short 1789 for +1 and a test of 1787. Strong buying there, non stop so will scalp longs for a point. Above 89 and back below says hit it again. Short 1788.25 for +1 and +2 and the market quickly bounced from 86.25. If we print 1786.00 we will test 85 again. 86 traded and an easy short fill at 86.25 for +1 and a quick bounce. 3 shorts for 3 points and that is good enough for the morning. Total for the morning: +3

Wednesday December 4th: Secondary shorts off the open below 1787. Short 176.25 for +1 and a test of our 1784.25 target. Will hit 1786.25 shorts again and 1788.25 shorts if it gets there. Not our typical trade. Short 1786.25 and short 1788.25. +1 and +2 on the 88.25 and BE on the 86.25. Market still seems weak so one more short 1786.75 as long as we are below 1787.50. 1787.50 broken and out at -1. News came out and the market just took off straight up 13.5 points without any pullbacks. First chance at buying came in at 1797 with 1798.50 short term target. Long 1797 for +1 and target hit to the tick. 1798.75/99 is high enough and we will wait for the market to tip it’s hand. Below 1796.75 shorts are triggered but probably won’t see that price for shorts. Short 1794.75 for +1. We will call it a day BUT as stated if 1792 breaks we will see 1788.25 and possibly new low on the day. Total for the morning: +3

Tuesday December 3rd: Longs again triggered at the open above 1794. Long 1794.25 for +1 as key 1795.50 res level right over head. Market is a bit indecisive so we will wait on the sidelines till something breaks. OK, 1796.75 broken, a key level. Long 1796.75 for +1 and our 1798.50 target hit. Market went sideways for the next hour and at goal for the morning will leave it alone. Total for the morning: +2

Monday December 2nd: Primary longs were triggered premarket and secondary trades looked good for a 1807.50 test. Conservative entry long 1805.25 and taken out quickly with a move below 1805 AND YM breaking hard to the downside. -1.5 In fact, YM was already weaker coming in to the open but no shorts triggered on ES. Below 1804 shorts are triggered. 2 potential shorts. Short 1803.25 for +1 and +2. Better shorts 1804. Short 1804 for +1 and +2. Longs are triggered above 1804. Long 1804.50 looking for our 1807.50 target. +1 and flat with a lot of selling in the 1806 area. We had to wait a while but longs once again triggered and long 1805.50 for +1 and +2 with our 1807.50 target hit and 1808.75. Total for the morning: +2.5


2013 November Total: 36.00

Wednesday November 27th thru Friday November 29th: No trading. Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Tuesday November 26th: Scalp short off the open below 1803. Short 1803 for +.75. YM too strong for shorts. ABvoe 1803 longs are triggered. Long 1802.75 for +.75 scalps again (not expecting much today). A print of 1801 = a test of 1798.75. Short 1801 for +1 and +2. Tried shorts one more time 1800.75, -1.5 as buyers came in strong. Above 1802 = long again. Long 1802.25 for +1. Long again 1802.25 on a small pullback for +1. Total for the day: +3

Monday November 25th: The ES was in a tight range with 1806 area key support. A “print” of 1805.75 says 1804.50 target tested. Short 1805.75 for +1 and will hold to see if our better 1802.75 target is hit. It took a while but we did in fact hit our 1802.75 target with 1802.25 currently the low of the day. YM did not make a new low showing signs of strength and broke some key resistance levels. We took longs in the ES but realized longs were not valid at the time. Given the YM we will hold our ES longs from 1804/1804.50. Eventually we got a few ticks from the positions. +.5. Holiday trading and small range as expected. That’s it for today. Total for the day: +1.5

Friday November 22nd: Short below 1795 triggered off the open with a much weaker YM. Downside target is 1792.50. Short 1794.50 for +1 and +2 and our target hit. Back above 1794.50 it’s longs again. Though a tad early, long 1795.00 for our 1797.25 target. Target hit for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2.

Thursday November 21st: . Longs in play off the open above 1784. Long 1784. +1 and +2 and our initial 1786.50 target hit. Wait for the news to hit. Back above 1785 = longs again for a test of 1788.50 and 1790.25. Long 1785.50. It took a while but our 1788.50  target was hit for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday November 20th: Same as yesterday and same prices, longs still in play at the open. Long 1788.00 for +1, +2, and our 1789.50/90.25 targets both hit. We had a 2 reports coming out at the top of the hour, Existing Home Sales and Business Inventories so we will let those pass and see what the market wants to do. Lots of buying in the 1787 area since the open so will pass on marginal shorts that were triggered. Back above 1788 = longs again, just like yesterday. Long 1788.50 for +1, +2, and +3 with our best target 1793.75  just missed by a tick.  Total for the day: +2

Tuesday November 19th: We opened at key support with the 1789.50 target begging to be tested. Long 1788 for +1. A quick move lower triggered shorts. Short 1786 after breaking key 1788/87 support. Short 1785.75 for +1 and +2. Better shorts are above at 1786.75. Short 1786.75 for -1.5 as buyers just would not back down. Above 1788 longs are triggered again. Long 1787.75 for +1 and +2. Long more shot at longs off of 1790 support. Long 1791 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2.5

Monday November 18th: We opened with longs triggered above 1797.50. Long 1797.50 for +1 and +2 and our 1799.75 target hit. ES broke hard and back below 1797 triggered shorts. Have to exercise caution as YM is still very strong on Boeing’s $100 billion contract. Short 1796.75 for +1 and +2. More conservative traders will short if 1795.25 is broken. 1795.25 broken and short 1793.75 for +1. One last time for shorts, short 1794.75 for +1 as our 1792.50 target hit to the tick. Total for the day: +3

Friday November 15th: No Trading.

Thursday November 14th: Below 1781 shorts off the open should be good for a 1778.50 area test. Short 1780.25 for +1 and BE on the balance. No longs triggered. Below 1780 it’s shorts again. Short 1779.50 for +1 and BE again on the balance. 1778 is a critical level in the ES. 1778 broken and short 1778.75 and -1.25 as buyers still coming in. Back above 1780 is buying again. Long 1780.25 for +1 and BE on the balance. We will get out of this range but not just yet. A grinding move higher and a “print” of 1783 = 1784.50/85 test without too much trouble. Long 1782.75 for +1, and +2. Total for the day: +2.75

Wednesday November 13th: Tried secondary shorts right at the open and closing above 1757 shuts down the shorts. -1 on the shorts. Have to wait as there is still plenty of resistance in the 1759 area. 1759 broken and long 1759.50 for +1, +2, and +3 with our 1762.25 target hit. YM broke much harder than the ES on the pullback so sidelines for now as no shorts triggered but YM too weak to buy the ES. If 1762 breaks, then will buy 1762.50/25. Long 1762.50 for +1 and +1.5 and flat. One more time for longs off of 1762.50 for +1. Total for the day: +2

Tuesday November 12th: Market is holding key 1763/64 area support coming in to the open with longs triggered. We waited for the ES to test the 1763.50 area and see if buyers came in and they did like clockwork. Above 1764.50 longs are triggered. but a bit higher then we expected. Long 1765.75 for +1 and a test of 1767 where we expect sellers to hit it again. Buyers came in once more and bought 1763.50 and back above 1766 in one quick move triggering longs again. Long 1766.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Monday November 11th: Holiday like trading as Veterans day is celebrated but the market are open. We were not expecting much. A break of 1766 = a test of 1764/63. Short 1765.50 for +1 and our 1764 test. No follow through expected with YM holding 15690. Back above 1767 = a test of 1770.50 and 1771.75. Long 1768.25 for +1 and +2. We don’t expect much more out of the market and will call it a day.  Total for the day: +2

Friday November 8th: The S&P sold off quickly after the jobs report but by the time it was opening longs were triggered. As long as we hold 1744 we should test 1750. Long 1746 for +1 with better longs 1744.50 for +1, +2 and +4 and flat before Consumer Sentiment. A little down side shakeout after the news but no shorts triggered. Longs were tricky to back in to but above 1748 longs were triggered. If we print “1750.50” it’s breakout longs for 1751.75/1753.25 minimum targets. Long 1750.50 for +1, +2 and +3 with both targets easily hit.  Total for the day: +2

Wednesday November 6th: At the open long are in play above 1764. Long 1765 for +.5 as ES is really struggling BUT YM very strong. Will try longs one more time 1754.50 and still have to scalp longs for +.75. Market broke 1754.50 so flat. BUT no shorts. Back above 1765 we will buy again still looking for our 1768.50 target. ES moved above 1765 and long 1765.50 for +1, +2 and +3. Target 1768.50 hit and flat. Total for the day: +2.25

Tuesday November 5th: Coming in to the open key 1757 support was broken which should be good resistance now. Short 1756.50 off the open for +1 and +2 and will hold for our lower 1751.50 target which was easily hit. Now we wait for a move back above 1753 to trigger longs. Market moved quickly above 1753 and longs triggered but no way to get in without chasing so we will be patient. Finally the ES pulled back to 1758. Long 1758.50 for +1. That was good enough for the day. Total for the day: +2

Monday November 4th: Coming in to the open longs were still in play. As long as 1761 holds we should test 1763 and higher. Long 1761.75 for +1 and sellers coming in at the key 1763 area and flat. A break of 1760 = 1756 but we have news. 1760 broken right about the time of the report. Little to no reaction so short 1759.25 for +1 as a move above 1759 says shorts are over for now. Longs above 1759 triggered BUT YM is not on board so any longs taken are more advanced and will have to be watched closely. Long 1760.25. Out quickly with -1 and instantly short 1758.50 for +1, and +2. A more conservative short will be on a test of 1758. Short 1757.75 for +1 as it’s just taking too long and our 1756 target hit.   . Total for the day: +2

Friday November 1st: Longs were triggered at the open but the market moved quickly away from our 1755.50 area so we had to wait. a break of 1756 = a run for 1759. Long 1756.75 for +1 and +2 and flat before the reports. We did hit our upside target after the news but then nothing to do A break of 1755 = 1752.25 area (same as yesterday). Conservative entry for shorts 1754.50. Short 1754.50 for +1. Slightly better shorts and last chance is 1755.75. Short 1755 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +3


2013 October Total: 61.75

Thursday October 31st: Scalp shorts off the open as long as we stay below 1758. Short 1757.50 for +1 and a test of 1756. Market rallied and triggered longs but we also have Chicago PMI coming. The number was good and we took longs 1759/1758.75. Sellers came in hard and we exited for -1.5 and instantly back to shorts. Short 1756.50 for +1, +2 and +3 exiting in front of our 1752.25 target. One more shot at shorts 1753.50 for +1. Better shorts 1754.50. Short 1754.50 for +1 and +2 and flat. That was enough for our AM trading. Total for the day: +2.5

Wednesday October 30th: Shorts were in play coming in to the open. Below 1769 triggered additional downside targets of 1764.25 and 1761.00. Short 1768.50 after the move below 1769 for +1 and +2. Additional shorts again at 1768.50 for +1, +2 and +3. An easy day overall with fewer trades for the morning session. Total for the day: +2

Tuesday October 29th: This morning at the open we had good indications that we would be making a run for 1764.25 target. As long as 1761 holds longs are good. Long 1761.50 for +1, +2 and our 1764 test. Then the market went very quiet eventually breaking below 1760.75 triggering shorts at 1760.75. A move back above 1761.25 shuts down the shorts. Buyers were relentless buying 1759.50 giving us a red flag for shorts and any follow through, -.5 on a move back above 1761.25. Then it’s back to longs. Long 1762.25 and +5 as same story up top, no follow through and sellers hitting it hard. Back below 1761.00 shorts triggered again, same place, 1760.75 only this time giving us a little more profit, +.75 as we were watching for buyers at 1759.50 and they did not disappoint us pushing the market back above 1761 again. Long 1761.75 for +1 and total rejection of 1763 once again. Only this time no shorts triggered below 1761. Wait! Market moved back above 1761 and long 1762 for +1, +2 and +3 close enough to our 1766.25 next upside target. Lots of back and forth today but patience and discipline paid off. Total for the day: +2.75

Monday October 28th:  Similar to Friday, ES came in with longs in play off of the 1753 area but a much weaker YM kept us on the sidelines until 9:45 when moved back above 1754. Long 1754.25 for +1 and +2 with our 1757.25 target hit. Then wait for better indication of what the market wanted to do. Back below 1755 shorts are triggered with 1743.75 area a good place for short. Short 1743.50 for +1 and buyers coming in strong off of key 1752.00 area support. Back above 1754 is longs again but we waited to be conservative and let the market move back above 1755.00. Long 1755.00 for +1 and end the morning trading. Total for the day +3.

Friday October 25th:  Out of town travelling for the weekend but was able to open the room this morning for a short session from the Hotel. The beauty of having such a simple method and not needing a ton of gear to make a trading decision was shown today as I just had my laptop. Coming in to the open we said “If 1749 holds, buy 1749.50. If we “print” 1751.00, we will see 1752.50/1753.00 target. ES hit 1751 and 1749 held after a few tests and the upside target of 1752.50/1753.00 easily hit. High of the morning and better part of the afternoon, 1753.75. Total for the day +1  as only one trade before closing the room.

Thursday October 24th: The last few days have been a little volatile at the open with the ES and YM at odds right out of the gate making following through for either market a bit difficult. Off the open, as long as we stay below 1745 shorts are good. Short 1744.75 for +1, +2 and +3. We waited a while to see what the market wanted to do. ES wants to sell off, YM wants to trade higher. Eventually YM bolted for new highs on the day and the ES triggered some longs though a marginal signal, given the YM, it was worth a shot. Long 1743.25 and -1.5 very quickly. OK, short 1742 for +1 and flat as YM will will not make a new low let alone close the gap while the ES is negative on the day. ES climbed back to 1744 res and last chance for shorts, Short 1743.50 for +1 and YM still way too strong. Eventually ES synced with YM and longs above 1743. are triggered, Long 1743.50 for +1, and +2. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis.

Wednesday October 23rd: A bit of a crazy opening. Coming in to the open YM took off upside and we have breakout scenario on the ES for an agr entry 1743.25 BUT….it can still pullback to 1742 area which is why it’s agr for entry. With YM moving quickly above 15350 ES should see a trade above 1744. Long 1743.25 knowing it could still pullback. 1744.00 hit and it will not break above. Back down to 1741.50 support area and given the way the shorts hit it, not going to add on lower. Market moved back to above entry which should equal higher and YM at the high of the day. Still no go for longs. Out -1.5. ES breaks 1741 = 1738 and 1735 with 1736 good enough for exits. Short 1741.00 for +1, +2 and +3 easily hit. YM broke hard so secondary shorts for a 1735 test are in play with good res 1739.25 1740. YM decided to spike straight up and make a new high on the day and stopped out 1739.25 shorts quickly. -2. But no longs triggered. Wait to see if we break below 1739 again for shorts. Short 1738.75 for +1 and +2. Buyers came in again but no longs triggered. If we get back below 1739 it’s shorts again. 1739 broken and short 1738.50 for +1, +2 and +3 and finally 1735 hit. Back above 1739 = longs once more (we are range bound). Long 1739.25 for +1 and +2. One last short on a break of, you guessed it 1739 for +1  Total for the day: +1.5 one lot basis.

Tuesday October 22nd: Longs in play coming in to the open after the jobs report came out today that was delayed for several weeks. We have good support in the 1743 area and a break of 1744 = buying 1744 for 1746.25, 1748.75, 1750 area. Long 1744.50 for +1, +2 and +3 exiting in front of 1750, all time contract highs and we have additional reports coming out. It got boring for a while as the market is grinding higher to our 1753.75 target. One last chance for long 1751.50 should see some buyers. Long 1751.75. Took BE on the trade as it was just not going to get back and stay above 1752.25 as sellers were relentless. Next support down 1748.75. Tried long one last time but we have to hold 1748.75. 1748.75 Broken and YM below 15400. -1 on the 1748.75 longs. We should see 1746 and 1743.75 downside. Short 1747.50 for +1, +2 and +3. We have several options here. Very agr is 1744 shorts, a bit better is 1745.50 OR, conservative traders short 1747. Hit 1745.50 and 1747.25 will work around the agr entry at 1745.50. +1 on the 1747.25. Hit it again short 1747.25 looking for 1744/43 test. 1744 tested for +1 and +2. +1 on the 1745.50’s. The market totally reversed with little warning with no buyers in sight till we hit 1741.75.  Total for the day: +3 one lot basis.

Monday October 21st: Scalp longs in to strong 1740 resistance produced very little profit, +.5,  just like Friday with the YM once again weaker and remaining so most of the day relative to the ES. Below 1739 shorts looked attractive but nothing official triggered so we waited. A short while later, back above 1739 = longs again and a move to our 1743.25 target with “Anything above 1742.25 us good enough for exits”. Long 1739.50 for +1 and +2. High of the day, 1742.50. One more trip below 1739 says shorts this time are triggered. Short 1738.75 for +1 and +2.  Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis.

Friday October 18th: An interesting and challenging day across the board for a number of reasons. YM was hit hard on the shorts right off the open. Tried agr longs in the ES, especially given the YM. With YM tanking we knew long the ES was on the wrong side. -.5. Below 1732 shorts are triggered. best res area, 1732.25. Buyers came in and would not stop in spite of very weak YM. -2 on shorts. OK back above 1733 it’s longs again. Long 1733.50 for+1 and +2 looking for 1736.25 and hit to the tick. Then a quick sell off again to the low of the day and should see our 1729.50 target. Agr short entry 1732.00 for +1 and one more time, 1732.25. Almost like the first time trying shorts, buyers coming in strong. Will put another small addon at 1733. +1 on the 1733 and BE on the 1732.25. Too many buyers. And, back above 1733.25 = longs again. Long 1733.75 for +1 and market stalling no need to hold for higher. Market pulled back to 1732.50 (no shorts triggered) then quickly back above 1733 again says buy again. Long 1733.75 this time looking for our 1737.50. It took a while but +1, and +2 and our target hit.  Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis.

Thursday October 17th:  The deal is done and the government is back to work. This scenario was already factored in to the market as was evidenced by yesterday’s upside move for most of the day. Holding key 1706.75 area permarket says 1709.50, then 1712.25 area tested. No opportunity till about 15 minutes after the open with best scenario for longs 1710.75 BUT we have a breakout dynamic in play that says agr traders can buy 1712 but will have to be willing to put more on at the conservative level for a 1714/15 and 1717 area target. Long 1712 and took 3 ticks as YM is well behind the ES and look for 1710.75 to be tested. Long 1711.00 for +1, +2, and +3, +.75 and +2 on the 1712. and our 1715 target hit. One more chance for longs another breakout scenario on a print of 1716.25, Long 1715.75 and 1715 for +1 and +2 on both. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis.

Wednesday October 16th:  Once again coming in to the open longs were in play. Buy zone is 1702.25 to 1701.75. Long 1702.oo with upside tagets firs target 1705.25/50, target hit for +1 and +2. Will hold for higher as long at 1702 holds with next upside targets 1708.75/1709.25 both easily hit and them some for additional points on longs. then we had to wait for the market to digest that last move. We have already had 2 longs triggered premarket and took a 3rd at the open so have to be cautious. Agr entry for additional longs 1712 OR wait for 1710.25 pullback. Best scenario, we test 1710.25 then break 1711.75. That’s what we waited for and long 1712.00 and 1712.25 with upside target 1716.50. High of the day, 1717.00. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis.

Tuesday October 15th:  Longs were looking pretty good for an opening trade premarket with a test of 1705.50/1706.50 area but right before the open news hit the wire regarding the political stalemate and sent the market down 6+ points very quickly breaking the 1702/1701 area support. We don’t trade premarket but this was too good to pass up. Shorts at either 1700.75 or 1702 “IF” if gets there. Short 1700.75 for +1, +2 looking for 1698 area  and hit to the tick. Now let’s see for the open. Same thing, 1700.75/up to 1702. Short 1701.00 for +1, +2, and +4. Now hold for 1694.50/1693. Market bounced hard off of 1695 so we won’t see lower for now. Back above 1701 = longs. Long 1702 after some close watching to see how they reacted at 1701.75. +1 and +2. Then a quick trip back below 1701 triggers shorts again. Short 1700.50 (same as the opening trade) for +1 and +2. That was enough for the morning. Total for the day: +4

Monday October 14th:  Longs triggered shortly before the open on a move above 1686. Long right at the open 1686.50 for +1 and +2 and +4. Market needs to test some lower levels, 1688/87 area. Market did test 1688 but passed on longs right now and will wait patiently. Back above 1690 = longs 1689.50/75 for +1. Market is still stuck in a tight range. below 1689 have to leave longs alone and no real valid shorts triggered. Back above 1690 again and longs 1689.50 again. This time we got the move we were looking for, +1, +2. That was good enough for the AM trading. Total for the day: +3

Friday October 11th:  Longs triggered shortly after the open on a move above 1685 but no chance at entry in the 1685 area so we had to wait. A move above 1686.50/1687 = 1691.50. Long 1687 for +1, +2, and +3. Then sidelines as that is high enough for now. Though a little early, a move below 1687.75 = a test of 1685.75 area. Short 1687.50 for +1 and +2. Tried shorts one more time but a move above and staying above 1688 = longs back in play. Short 1688.25 for -.5. Long 1688.25 for +1 . Total for the day: +2.5

Thursday October 10th:  Trending day from the open today which equals fewer opportunities but bigger profits. Long off the open 1667.75 for +1, +2, and +5 and our 1673.25 target hit. Now it’s wait and see what the market wants to do. Shortly after 10:30 EST, the market triggered additional longs with upside targets of 1676.75 to 1677.75. Long 1673 for +1, +2, and +3. 2 trades, 2 nice winners to end the morning trading. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday October 9th: Short once again from the open, 3 days in a row triggered just prior to the open. Short 1652.50 for +1, +2, and +5 and a test of our 1647 target. Then it was sidelines for a bit during the consolidation. Below 1650 shorts look good again but wanted it to spend some time down there. Short 1649.75 for +1 and a test of 1648 which has to break for lower. Too many buyers and no break of 1648. Above 1650 it is still a bit early for longs but YM stronger. Long 1650.75 for +1 and our 1652.75 target. One more shot at longs, 1650.25 for .75. Below 1651 longs are suspect and YM for all it’s strength broke lower. Back to shorts 1648.25 for +1, +2, and +3. Total for the day: +4

Tuesday October 8th: Almost identical shorts at the open today as yesterday. Short 1669.25 looking for 1667.75 and 1664.75 for +1 and +2. Then it was a bit tricky. Agr longs. (agr = early or little confirmation). Long 1669.50 and scalped it for +.5. Below 68 is back to shorts. Short 1667.50 and scalped it again, buyers are just too strong. +.25. Back above 1669.50 long again, 1669.75, again for +.5. We will keep doing this till tierh 1670.25 or 1667 breaks with a slight bias towards the 67 breaking. Below 67.50 again and short 1667.50. IF YM breaks 835 and ES breaks 1667.00 we will see much lower, 1660.25 area and much more. +1, +2 and +4. Total for the day: +3

Friday October 4th: A slow  but easy day at the office. At the open, shorts are triggered below 1670. Short 1669.75 for +1 and +2 hitting our 1667.75 target. Above 1672.00 = longs. Long 1672.25 with a possible 1671.25 test. 71.25 tested and our 1674.50 target hit for +1, and +2. Total for the day: +2

Friday October 4th: Government shutdown still in full force so no jobs report today. Still we had some nice movement. Short 1672.50 off the open for +1 and +2 and our 1670.50 target hit. Low of the day, 1670.25. Above 1674 it’s longs but market has turned very strong very quickly. We have a choice buy 1676’s or see if they test 1675’s. Will try both. Long 1676.50 for +1, +2, and +3. Never tested 1675 but did get our 1680.25 target and then some. Below 1679 the market is weaker and though early still took 1678.25 short for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +3

Thursday October 3rd:  Longs triggered well before the open but one last push up to 1685 looks the most likely. Long 1683.50 for +1 and a test of 1684.75, close enough. Sellers quickly came in heavy. Below 1682.25 = shorts. Short 1681.75 for +1, +2, and +3. No pullback just yet for additional entries but just before 10est we broke 1679 a key level. Short 1678.75 for +1, +2, and +3. One last attempt on shorts as this market is breaking hard. Short 1675.75 for +1, +2 and +3. Total for the day: +4

Wednesday October 2nd:  Longs were triggered just before the open but had already hit their target. YM much weaker again today so we waited for shorts to trigger on the ES for a test of 1673.5. Shorts were agr/early but given the YM worth a short. Short 1678.25 for +1. A break of 1678 = lower. Short 1677.75 (still early and agr as no valid trigger on the ES as of yet) If we bounce higher will sell more at 1679.25. Short 1679.25. Now it’s time to wait and let the market break down which is inevitable given the YM. It took about 20 minutes but ES broke 1678 again (and triggered valid conservative shorts) Short 1678.25. All positions +1, +2, and +3  it just took a while. One last chance at shorts, 1675.50 area for a test of 1673.50. Target hit to the tick for +1. Back above 1676 it’s longs. Long 1678.00. It looked a bit high but we had good evidence 1677.50 would hold for our 1681/82 targets. All targets hit and more for +1, and +2. Total for the day: +3 

Tuesday October 1st: Shorts were still in play off the open. Short 1676.75 for +1 and a test of 1675 area. One last chance for shorts 1677.50 with a move above 1678.25 shuts down shorts. -1. Longs triggered above 1679. Long 1679.75 for +.75 as YM much weaker than ES. A quick move lower and a hard bounce from 1677.25 triggered longs again above 1680. Long 1680.25 for +1. Same scenario a again, YM still much weaker and ES tried to push lower with another bounce back above 1680. Long 1680.50 for +1, +2, and +5 . Total for the day: +3    


2013 September Total: 51.00

Monday September 30th: Shorts off the open. Short 1670.50 for +1, +2, and +3 and our 1667 target area hit. Tried shorts one more time 1671. BE on the trade buyers were not going to stop buying 1670.00. Above 1672.00 it’s longs. Long 1671.25. Exited on a break of 1670.50 just did not like the trade. -1.25. Agr shorts, aggressive and early. Short 1670.75 for -.75. Ok back to buy side and long 1672.25 for +1, +2, and +5. One last chance for longs, 1676.25 for +1. Had to break for the morning then come back for room training. Shorts triggered on a break of 1677.75. Shorts 1676.75 for +1. Short again 1677.75 for +1. There were some great trades and we took advantage of them both AM and during our training today to end the month. Total for the day: +3

Friday September 27th: Short right off the open. Short 1684.75 for +1, +2, and +3. Tried longs above 1684. Long 1684.50. took 1/2 point as just did not like the way it looked. Market broke 1683.75. Short 1683.75 for +1. Longs above 1684. Long 1685.00 for another 1/2 point. Just too much resistance overhead and opted to call it day in this tight range and somewhat choppy market. Total for the day: +2

Thursday September 26th: Market went straight up from the open. We won’t chase. We will get an opportunity. Just before 10EST long 1694 for +1, +2, and +3. Now it’s sidelines as that is high enough but not shorts triggered. Just after 10:45 EST shorts triggered on a decent move down below 1690.75. Short 1690.25 for +1, +2, and +3. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday September 25th: Sold the ES right after the open with shots triggered 1689.50 for +1 and +2. We let news pass and a break of 87.25 triggers additional shorts. Short 1687 for +1 and our 1684.25 area target hit. Above 1689 it’s longs and long 1689 for +1 and BE on the rest. A quick dip lower then back above 1689 says longs again. Agr = buy 1690.50 OR wait for more confirmation. Too fast  to get filled on the 90.50 so wait. A short wait and long 1693.75 for +1. Total for the day: +4

Tuesday September 24th: the S&P once again opened up with longs poised to move higher. Long 1593.25 and looking for at least 1694.50. +1 and that’s all the ES could do. Below 1693 shorts are in play. Short 1692.50 for +1. Tried shorts again 1693.00, and a strong bounce from the ES says exit at BE. Below 1693 again = shorts and shorted 1692.50 for +1 and then we had news. News broke the 1691.50 and short 1690.50 for +1 and +2. Back above 1693 = longs again and with Obama speaking they liked whatever was coming across the news wire. Long 1693.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +4

Monday September 23rd: ES traded above key 1700.00 resistance and longs are in play at the open. Long 1699.75 for +1 and a test of the 1701.50 area but just could not get back above 1701 where sellers stood their ground. A break of 1699 = a test of 1696 and 1694.25. Short 1698.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Friday September 20th: A strong move just before the open said longs are good off of 1716.25/1717.00. Long 1717.25. Market struggled and sellers would not stop hitting it. BE on the trade. It was clear we were not going to go higher after a 1718 test. Below 1716.25 it’s shorts. Short 1716.25 for +1, +2, and +4 and our 1712 target hit. Sideways = flat and hold till the market makes up it’s mind. A break of 1713.75 = shorts. Short 1713.75 for +1 and +2 looking for 1711/1710 but that’s good enough. Total for the day: +2

Thursday September 19th: Longs off the open triggered. Long 1722.50. Sellers came in hard after a few minutes and out with -1. Short 1721 very quickly and +1, and +2 on the shorts. News was coming so stand by. Below 1619.50 it’s shorts again with no longs triggered for any reason. Short 1620.00 for +1 and +2. Then after a long consolidation, a break of 1618.25 = lower for our 1616.25 test. Short 1618.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday September 18th: Market opened in sell mode and last chance quick shorts off the open at 1698.50 should test 1697 or lower. Short 1698.50 for +1. Tried longs at 1698.50. 1698 has to hold and a break of 1698 = lower and shorts again. Long 1698.50. 1698 broken and -.75. Right back to shorts. short 1697 for +1, and +2. One more shot at shorts 1696.50. Short 1696.25 for +1. Then just wait while keeping in mind it is FOMC. Below 1695 shorts again are triggered. Short 1695 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2.25

Tuesday September 17th: Longs triggered after the open got us long 1693.75 for +1 and +2 just in time for the Housing Market report which came out favorable. A print of 1696.75 = 1698.00 test. Long 1696.50 for +1. With a choppy tight range and FOMC tomorrow, we called it a day and did some training in the room.  Total for the day: +2

Monday September 16th: Longs looked good off the open. Long 1699.25 and taken out quickly as sellers jumped right in. -2. Short 1697.00 for +1 and +2 and our 1695.75 target. 1695.75 broken and shorts again 1695.50 for +1, +2 and +3.  Slightly agr longs triggered above 1694.50. Long 1694.50 for +1. Then we had to wait a while for valid longs to trigger as 1692 should be it downside for the morning. After 11:30 EST, Long 1695.75 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Friday September 13th: We came in to the open in a tight 2 point range with a small upside bias. A move a few minutes after the open said longs would be worth a shot above 1679 BUT clearly we have a very strong resistance at 1681. Long 1680.25 on a breakout AND long 1679.25 at best support. Holding 1679 = a test of 1681.75. +1 on the 1680.25. +1 and +2 on the 1679.25’s. Then market broke. Shorts were triggered but we have a problem with the YM once again much stronger than the ES today. So any shorts done with caution. Short 1678.50 and if we get back above 1679 shorts are over. -.75 on the short and back to longs. Long 1678.50 for +1 and +2.  Total for the day: +2.25

Thursday September 12th: Market broke key 1687 off the open and we shorted 1686.50 for +1. Tried shorting 1686.50/75 again and after 10 minutes or so the ES climbed back above the key 1687 for -.75. But longs are now in play. Long 1687.75 for +1 and +2. Back below 1689 shorts are in play thought a tad early. Short 1688.25 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2.25

Wednesday September 11th: We opened in short mode with a good target of 1678.50 downside. Short off the open at 1681.50 for +1 and a strong bounce back above 1681 triggering longs. Long 1681.50 for +1 and market just could not go though 1682.75 in spite of YM making new highs on the day. News was coming out and and ES triggered shorts so we waited. Though after new shorts were still valid, YM too strong so passed on them and waited over and hour for ES and YM to sync up. Just after 11 EST Long 1680.25 for +1, +2, and +4 for our 1684.25 target. Total for the day: +3

Tuesday September 10th: We opened with longs triggered and the YM making a quick upside move just before the open. Long 1680.00 and YM quickly reversed and put downside pressure on the ES. A quick bounce and we exited -.5 before they continued lower. Below 1679 shorts are triggered but we have to be careful as YM did not make a new low as did the S&P. Short 1678.50 with a move above 1679 taking out shorts. -.75. OK back above 1679.00 = longs and still a test of our higher 1682 and 1683.25. Long 1579.50 for +1, +2. A move above 1682 = our 1683.25 test. Long 1681.75 for +1 and our eventual test of 1683. After testing the highs, a break of 1681.50 = shorts, though a bit early, for 1679 and 1677. Short 1681.25 for +1 and +2 being cautious in front of 1679.  Total for the day: +1.75

***The rest of the day was choppy and grinding with little follow through. We had additional trades with a small loss on shorts against 1679 then back to longs for the rest of the morning with a few added points. Days like today are a great opportunity to test your patience and your ability to sit through the noise.

Monday September 9th: We opened higher and right above key support at 1658.25 area but also right in front of 1659 strong res. We let the market decide the best course of action and a break of 1659 = longs triggered. Long 1660.50 for +1, +2, and +3. One more shot at longs off of 1661.50 for +1. Then it was just a tight sideways range for the rest of the morning with some scalp longs off of 1661’s and play the range. Total for the day: +2

Friday September 6th: We knew a break below 1659.75 and 1658.75 would trigger shorts but we had no idea it would drop 22 points. Short 1659.75 for +1. Hit is again after a move toe 1660.50. As long as we are below 1660.50 shorts are good. A move back below 1659.75 triggers shorts again. Short 1559.75 for +1, +2, and +3 and a big sell off. We had most of our targets hit with a bounce from out 1642.50 with short very agr at 1645 OR 1648’s. Anything done at 1645 had to hold and take the 1648’s. Volatility is up. Short 1645.50 and 1647.75. +1 and +2 on the 1647.75 and BE on the 1645’s. Will hit it again at 1648’s for a test of the low of the day. Short 1648.00 and our target of 1639 hit. Anything below 1640 is a good exit. +1, +2, and 5 conservatively and much lower if you wanted to hold. Total for the day: +4

Thursday September 5th: After a small dip lower off the open buyers came in with both hands and a move above 1654.50 triggers longs. Not much pullback and long 1655.00 for +1 and +2. We waited till news then tried longs one more time. Long 1656.75 for +.75 knowing it would be tough to get through. Now we wait. A break of 1655 = shorts and a test of 1653.00. Short 1554.50 for +1. Additional shorts at 1655.50 were valid but passed on though ended up a great trade. The morning ended with scalp longs 1655.00 for +.75. Total for the day: +3.5

Wednesday September 4th: A quick move lower off the open and a very weak YM triggered shorts though early and overall, were not valid. Short 1637.25 for -1.25. Then is was a runaway train and we will not chase. Eventually just after 10:30 EST longs lined up. Long 1646.00 for +1 and +2. Then wait again. A move above 1648.00 triggered secondary longs. Long 1648.50 for +1 and +2. A print of 1650 = 1652.50 minimum target and 1652.35 best target for the morning. Long 1649.75 for +1 and +2.  Total for the day: +2

Tuesday September 3rd: Market opens up but was against key resistance in the 1648 to 1650 area.  A strong move off the open triggered secondary longs on a pullback to 1548 for +1 and another attempt at 1547 which we took scalp profits at 2 ticks as the sellers were relentless. Below 1647.00 shorts are triggered. Short 1546.75 for +1 and it’s back to the middle of the range. Those few trades hit our conservative goals. We did attempt shorts 3 more times with the first 2, shorting 1645.50 for +.5, and shorting 1645.50 again for +.5 not going anywhere. A break of 1644.75 says try it one more time. Short 1645.00 for +1 and +2. Some members held for much lower/bigger targets for 1637.50, 1634.25, and 1632.50.  Total for the day: +3

Monday September 2nd: Labor Day Holiday. No Trading


2013 August Total: 50.00

Friday August 30th: Shorts were triggered immediately off the open on a break below 1638/37. Short 1637 for +1 ad +2. Will try shorts one more time before the report. short 1636.50 for +1 and flat before the news. Had some technical issues for the next 30 or so minutes. Members shorted 1634’s for +1 and +2. A move below 1632 = a test of 1629.50. On a print of 1631.25 breakout shorts are triggered, Short 1631 for +1. Total for the day: +3

Thursday August 29th: A very rare occurrence is for us to trade premarket but today just set up so nicely it warranted taking a position. Around 7:12 we shorted 1631.00 for +1. A little higher and we shorted 1631.50/25 for +1 and +2. We could hit it one more time against 1632. Short 1632. A close above 1632 = shorts are done. -1. Back above 1632 and certainly 1634 longs are triggered. But we did not get any sort of chance to enter until a test of big resistance at 1638.50 and a pullback to 1636.00, even that seemed a tad high but buyers were relentless. Long 1636.25/50 for +1 and +2. A print of 1638.75 = breakout longs. We have 2 entries. 1638.75 or a pullback to 1637.50. But produced +1 and more for profits and a test of our 1640.25 and 1642 targets. Total for the day: +3

Wednesday August 28th: Below 1638.50 shorts are good for a 1624.75 test. Short 1628 for +1, +2, and +3 and flat. Back above 1628 longs are triggered. Long 1630 for +1 right at news (small report, pending home sales). Market pulled back a little deeper and bounced. Back above 1630.75 = a test of 1633 and 1634.75. Long 1631 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +3

Tuesday August 27th: Shorts still in play off the open. Short 2 positions, 1638.50, short 1639.50. +1 on the 1639.50, BE on the 1638.50 on a test of 1637.75. Above 1639.50 longs are in play. Long 1642 for +1. Long one more time 1640.25 for +1. Back below 1639.50 = shorts and a test of the low of the day. Short 1639.25 for +1, +2, and +3. Total for the day: +3

Monday August 26th: Long 1661.00 after the open and a pullback to support for a test of 1664.50 minimum target with 1667.50 overall upside target. +1, +2, +3. Sat on the sidelines letting the market sort out what to do next. A print of 1664.75 = 1666.25. Long 1664.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Friday August 23rd: Shorts after the open and a move below 1658. Short 1656.50 for +1 and +2. Secondary shorts on a move to lower targets. short 1655 for +1 and our 1653.25 test. Total for the day: +2

Thursday August 22nd: No Trading today. We are 6 points from our monthly target with a weeks+ worth of trading. Taking a personal day.

Wednesday August 21st: Shorts again off the open with same target, 1643.75/25. Short 1645.50 for +1 and +2. Once again back above 1646 = a test of 1649. Long 1646 however news was coming out and we exited with +.5. Then 2 shorts after a test of 1649. Short 1644.50, a very agr entry, and shorts 1646 to 1647.00. +1 and +2 on the 1647. +1 on the 1646. BE on the agr entry. Total for the day: +2.5

Tuesday August 20th: We opened in short mode and a break of 1646 = 1543.75/25 test. Short 1646.50 for +1 and +2. Back above 1646 = longs and a test of 1649. Long 1646.75 for +1 and +2 Total for the day: +2

Monday August 19th: We were poised to trade higher off the open but the YM broke fairly quickly to the downside. Though a little early/agr, short 1650.25 and -2. OK market does want to trade higher and YM agrees. Long 1652. 25 for +1. Long again 1651.50 for +1 and +2. A print of 1654 = 1655.75 and 1657.50. Long 1654 for +1 and +2. High of the day….1657.00 just missing our target. Will try one more time above 1654.00. Long 1654.50 for +1. Total for the day: +2

Friday August 16th: Below 1657 it’s shorts off the open at 1656.50 for +1 and +2. If we move back above 1657 longs will be triggered. Long 1657.25 for +1. Long 1656.50 for +1, +2. Total for the day: +3

Thursday August 15th: The market opened up poised to move lower and a break of 1667 = a test of 1663. Short 1667.25 for +1. Short 1668.25 for +1, +2, and +4 exited in front of 1663. News was coming so it’s sidelines. After the report there were shorts off of 1661.50. I passed. Just exiting a nice trade no need to jump right back in but other traders shorted for a 1657.75 target which was hit. A test of 1662 = shorts again. Short 1661.25 for +1 and +2. An easy day overall. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday August 14th: Tricky day today right after the open. Above 1690 we were looking for 1692 and 1694. Market hit 1693+ right at the open with YM heading straight up out of the gate. Long 1691 and stopped instantly as YM broke 50 ticks in just over 3 minutes. Not sure what happened but YM just kept getting weaker. In spite of that, ES would just not give up the 1689’s. Short 1690.25 anyway as ES won’t rally with YM making new lows on the day/overnight. +1 and took most off. Out -1 on the balance. Just no follow through. Back above 1691 have to look at longs and YM making a comeback. A tick below 1690 and longs are done. 1690 has to hold. Out on the 1691.00 -1. OK, back to shorts. short 1690.25 for +1, +2, as ES finally joined up with the YM. One more move to 1690 for another short for +1, +2 and +3. A print of 1685 = 1683.50 area test. Short 1685 and +1. Low of the day at the time, 1683.75. Above 1686 = a test of 1687 and change. Long 1686.50 and took 1/2 a point profit. Total  for the day: +1.5

Tuesday August 13th: Below 1690.25 shorts are good off the open. Short 1690.25 for +1, +2, and +3 and our target of 1686.75. News was coming and 1686.75 was some support. Market broke support before the news, then dropped quickly lower after the report. We have 2 choices. Short 1682’s or short 1683’s if if gets there. Short 1682.00 for +1 and +2. Total  for the day: +2

Monday August 12th: We opened in a slightly weaker position below 1680 with 1679.00 support right below. Still scalp shorts looked OK to hit off the open. Short 1679.75 for +.5. A move back above 1680.00 = exit shorts. A print of 1681.25 = breakout longs. Long 1681.25 and 1681.50 for +1, +2, and +3. Then it was sidelines for a bit. A clear move above 1686 = higher. Agr entries 1685.75 and a pullback long to 1684.50 the more conservative way to go. Hit both. Long 1684.50 for +1 and +2 and our 1688 target. +1 on the 1686.00. Today for the day: +3

Friday August 9th: Another straight forward day this week. Longs triggered off the open at 1691 for +1, +2 and +3 with our 1692.25, 94 and 96.25 targets all hit with 1696 big resistance and we expected some strong selling. Below 1693 = shorts for a 1690 test. Short 1693 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Thursday August 8th: We opened at the 1695 area which though good support had strong resistance in the 1696/97 area. The ES wanted to move higher and we tried longs off of 1695.00. Had an entry way too high at 1696 and added at 1695 the better support. +.75 on the 1696 and +1 and +2 with a lucky fill on the 1695’s. YM started heading south and breaking all support. A break of 1695.00 on the ES said a test of 1691.75 was in order. Short 1695.25 for +1, +2, and +3. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday August 7th: We took secondary shorts at the open. Short 1687.25 for +1 and +2. Short again 1686.75 for +1. Market moved higher quickly off of key support in the 1685 area. Though a bit early we tried longs 1688.00. -2 and stopped and back to shorts quickly. Short 1685.25 for +1, +2, and +3. Short 1683.00 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Tuesday August 6th: We opened with shorts in play so we had 2 options, look for secondary shorts, or sit on the sidelines. Below 1700 shorts should be good for a 1697.50 a 1695.75 area test. YM broke down quickly but ES buyers would not quit. Short 1699 given YM weakness but ES took a while before finally testing our 1697.50.  +1 and +2. Breakout shorts to the downside also were triggered. Short 1697.25 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Monday August 5th: We came in to the open with secondary shorts in play. Shorts below 1702 = a test of 1699.25. Short 1701.25 for +1 and +2. That was low enough. Back above 1701 = a test of 1703.25 and 1704.75. Long 1701.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2

Friday August 2nd: We opened down today but just above key support 1696/1697. Above 1698 longs were triggered though a bit early. Long 1698 for +1. Then we waited and waited. We eventually did get back above 1698 again and longs were triggered for the second time yet ES holding the 1699.00’s. Long 1699.25 for +1 and our 1700.25 target. Once again, wait for the market to tip it’s hand. Another break below 1698 and short 1698 for +1. Total for the day: +3

Thursday August 1st: Longs were triggered off the open at 1695.75 ( a little late on the fill) for +1 and +2 and then hold for the news as nice profits and holding support. +4 on the balance and our upside target of 1699.75 hit. Then we waited for a break of 1698.75 and shorted 1698 for +1 as it was just a scalp. Back above 1698 it’s longs again. Long 1698 for +1. Total for the day: +3


2013 July Total: 44.25

Wednesday July 31st: We opened in buy mode at the open. Long 1685.75. A little late on entry but good enough for +1 and +2 for our 1687.75 target hit. We tried longs one more time with a move back above 1687 after a quick dip below. Long 1686.75 and +1. Total for the day: +2

Tuesday July 30th: We opened at strong resistance, 1688 area this morning but expected a pullback to 1686.50 and a bounce to 1688.25 and higher given the strong support below. Long 1687 for +1. YM strong, tried longs one more time. Long 1687 for -1.25 as sellers just too strong. A move below 1686 = a test of the 1684.25. Short 1685.50 for +1. Short one more time but running out of time before news. short 1685.75 for +.5. Above 1686.00 longs are triggered but a bit early as not everything is lining up. Long 1686.50 for +.75. YM below key resistance and ES will just not break the 1687.50. Total for the day: +1.75

Monday July 29th: Below 1683 it was scalp shorts in to 1682 and looking for 1680.75 and 1679.25 with 1676.75 strong support below. +.5 on a 1682.50 short and not a great fill. Flat and waited for a move above 1683 for longs. Long 1684.25 for +1 and +2 then waited for news. Below 1683 it’s shorts again though a bit early. Short 1683 for +1 and +2. One more shot at shorts as long as we stay below 1683. Short 1682.50 for +1 and +2. We were taken out on any runners before eventually hitting all of our downside targets with the low of the day 1676.50. Total for the day: +3.5 one lot basis

Friday July 26th: Some nice movement today. Above 1677 it’s longs at the open. Long 1678.00 for +1 and +2. Tried longs one more time. Long 1578.75. Market was struggling below 1679.25 minimum upside target. Scalped for a 1/2 point. +.5. Below 1577.75 = shorts again and short 1678.00 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis

Thursday July 25th: The last few days have been indecisive at the open with breaking key levels and no follow through and today was much of the same with scalps for initial trades. Short 1676.25 for +.5. Could not get filled for +1 and stopped right at key 1675.25 support. Above 1677.75 longs are triggered and we waited for a test of the 1678.75 area but it never came. Long 1680.50 and if we print (read trade) 1681.25 we should see 1692.50 target. Long 1681.25. +1 on the 1680.50 and +1 on the 1681.25 with the high of the morning 1682.25 missing our target by a tick.  Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis

Wednesday July 24th: Today was a re-enactment of yesterday’s open complete with longs above 93 though today a not as convincing but took a shot at longs anyway. Long 1693 and a move below 1692.25 shuts down longs for -1 and quickly back to shorts. Short 1692 for +1, +2, and +3 and like yesterday our 1689 target. A break of 1688.75 = even lower, 1686 again. Short 1687.50 for +1, +2. One last short against 1684.75 for +1. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday July 23rd: Very low volume coming in to the open, less than 150K. A move above 1693 right before the open triggered longs but we knew that 1694.25 would be strong resistance. Long 1693.00 for +.5 with lots of struggling to move even a point higher. Below 1692.50 it’s shorts. Short 1692.25 for +1, +2, and +3 and our 1689.00 target. Secondary shorts triggered below 1689. Short 1689 for +1 and +2 and our 1696.50 target. Total for the day: +2.50 one lot basis

Monday July 22nd: A rather slow day at the office. Shorts off the open were triggered right after the open. short 1688.75 for +1, +2 and +3 with our 1685.50 target hit to the tick. Back above 1688 = a test of 1690.25 and possible 1692.25. Long 1688.00 for +.5 intitial profits, and +2 on the balance. Total for the day: +1.50 one lot basis

Friday July 19th: Premarket we said back above 1679 would trigger longs for 1681.50 area and possible 1683/84 upside targets. Long 1679.50 for +1 and +2. Market is having a tough time with 1681 with sellers coming in quickly above 81. After 30 minutes of sideways holding 1679 and back above 1681 we tried 1681 longs. Long 1681.00 for +1. Waited a bit more and though early a weaker YM hinted at a pullback short. short 1680.75 and -1.25. Back to longs and long 1682.25 for +1. Hit it again long 1682.25 for +1.  Total for the day: +2.75 one lot basis

Thursday July 18th: Once again we have longs off the open in the 1677.50 area. Long 1677.75 OR wait for a move above 1679.00. Either trade produced +1 and +2 for our first 1681.50 target with 1683.50 and 1685.50 along with 1688 targets. We waited for the news to come out then waited some more. Long again 1686.25 for +1.  Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Wednesday July 17th: Still lower summertime volume coming in to the open with key 1679 resistance overhead. Will try longs for our 1679.75 upside target. Long 1676.75 for +1 and still strong selling above 1678. Below 1677 shorts are triggered. 2 options, sell 1675 or 1677. Short 1675 for +1. Short 1677 -1. Still buyers just keep coming in. Back above 1677 = a test of 1679.75 and possible 1680.25. Long 1677.25 for +1 and +2. Below 1677 it’s shorts again looking for 1672.75 target. Short 1675.25, -1.5. Short 1677.25 for +.5 and back to longs. Long 1677.25 for +1. Below 1677 shorts again. short 1676 +1 and +2. Lots of back and forth today in a small range bound market. Our upside target of 1680.25 was hit, high of day is 1680.50. Our downside target was hit, 1672.75. Low of the day is 1672.25. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis

Tuesday July 16th: Lower volume coming on to the open with longs in play already. Tried secondary longs for a move higher off of 1677.75. Long 1678.25. Market saw instant selling at the 1679.00 resistance area and we scalped for 1/2 a point. +.5. A move below 1677.o = a test of the low of the overnight at 1672.25. Short 1675.75 for +1 and no follow through. One more try for shorts at 1677.25. Short 1677.00 for +.75 as lots of buying going on and scalped the shorts to get long. Long 1675.75 for +.5. A real war going on above 1676.00. A break of 1675.25 = the test again of 1672.25 overnight low. Short 1675.25 and 1676.00. Scalped some for 3 ticks and held some for the lower test of 1672.25.  Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis

Monday July 15th: No Trading due to travel.

Friday July 12th: The pattern has been smaller ranges and quiet opens this week with little follow through till later in the day. Today the ES opened at unchangeg and but also at 1669.50 sup. Long 1669.75 and took 3 ticks as just way too many sellers willing to hit the ES at 1671. +.75 and on the sidelines. The market stayed range bound till consumer sentiment came out then tested the low of the day. Shorts, though marginal were worth a shot. Short 1669.25. Back above 15569.50 shorts are done, above 1670 definitely over. -1 on the shorts. Back to longs, same trade as off the open, long 1669.50 for +1 and +2. Once again below 1669.50 shorts again for a test of the low of the day. +1 conservatively.  Total for the day: +1.75 one lot basis

Thursday July 11th: We opened above 1665.00 triggering longs for a test of 1667 and 1669.75. Long 1666.00 and 1665.00 Market was struggling in spite of being up 10 on the day at the open. Had to scalp some just to be safe. +.5, and +.5 on both, -1.25 on the balance. Below 1665.00 shorts are in play. short 1664.25 for +1 and +2. Then we had to wait. A break of 1662 = a test of 1660.50. short 1662.00 for +1 and a test of 16630.75, the low of the day. Above 1663 back to longs. Long 1664.00 for +1 and end our morning.  Total for the day: +1.5 one lot basis

Wednesday July 10th: The market was fairly quiet today waiting on the FOMC minutes release. We expected a smaller range today and were not looking for much prior to the news. Longs triggered above 1645.50 for +1 and +2. Back below 1645.50 we took shorts at 1645.25 for +1 and +2. A slow day and that was good enough for the morning.  Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday July 9th: A nice day that was easy to read. Shorts were triggered off the open. Short 1644.50 for +1, +2. Market broke important 1642.75 support triggering additional shorts for a 1639.00 target. Short 1541.00 for +1 and +2. Then it was sidelines for a while and back above 1641.50 = longs for a 1643.25/1645.00 target. Long 1642.00 +1 as that was enough.  Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Monday July 8th: Longs right after the open were struggling and took quick profits on some. -1.5 on the rest. All said in done -.5. Tried shorts at 1632.50, too early and a quick bounce took us out. -2. OK, back above 1635 = a test of 1637. Long 1635.50 for +1 and +2. Breakout longs triggered 1638.25 for +1. Then 2 more chances for longs. Long 1637.50 for +1. Long 1636.50 +1, +2. Shorts triggered on a break of 1636.25. Hit is short 1636.50, too low, did not like the trade and exited at 1637.00 for -.5. Short again on a break of 1635.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +1.5

No Trading July 4th and July 5th

Wednesday July 3rd: We had a nice trade triggered right at the open which has been the case for the last 2 days. A break of 1600.50 = a test of 1597.50. Short 1600.50 for +1, +2, and +3. Then a strong move higher and above 1601 = a test of 1604 ad 1605.75. Long 1602 for +1 and +2. Below 1601 it’s shorts again. Short 1600.50 for +1 and no follow through as YM much stronger today. Above 1601 = a test of the highs at 1604. Long 1602 again for +1 and +2.  Total for the day: +4 one lot basis

Tuesday July 2nd: We had longs triggered right at the open, Long 1606.50 with a 1609.75/1610.50, +1, +2, +3. A strong rally of 10 points to key resistance in the 1616.50 area and we had to wait for news. After the news we are looking for a pullback to 1612.50. Long 1612.75 for +1, +2. The market went sideways again like yesterday after the move higher and we are at goal for the day.  Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Monday July 1st: The ES opened up about 13 on the day, then made a quick move above key 1609.75. we had to see where they wanted to hold for pullback, 1610.25 was best target but buyers coming in at 1611.25 area. Long 1611.50 for +1. One more attempt on a better pullback to 1610.25, Long 1610.75 for +1 and +2. Our upside target is 1620.50 and we hit 1620.00 and stopped dead in it’s tracks. A break of 1618 = short 1617 to 1619. we have a choice, sell 1617.00, a bit low, OR, 1618.00. Sold both +1 on the 18’s and +.25 on the 17’s on a wise exit. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis


2013 June Total: 53.50

Friday June 28th: Market began to break key support just before the open and we have 2 reports right after the open back to back. We will wait for the reports and then see what the market has to offer. After the news below 1600.50 = shorts and a test of 1594.75. Short 1598.00 for +1, +2, and +3. Then it’s wait for another clear opportunity. Back above 1601’s = a test of 1605.75/1606. Long 1602 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Thursday June 27th: Market opened up higher this morning after the premarket reports. Our upside targets are 1610.50, 1614.25, 1617.00. We had small tight consolidation at the highs and a print of 1507.75 = 1610.50 target with 1609 minimum. Long 1607.50 for +1 and +2 and flat before the Pending Home Sales. News came out and the market sold off to key 1607.50 support but also below 1609.75 res. Short 1609.25 for a test of 1608 and possible break of it. +1 too many buyers at 1608’s and flat. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Wednesday June 26th: We had a great plan premarket for the open, buy off of 1590.00 area for a 1593.75 and 1596/97 target but the market broke out on news from China and hit all our targets just before the open. We have one more chance for longs in the 1595/1594 zone. Long 1595.00 for +1 and +2. Back below 1594 is shorts for a 1591.50 test. Short 1593.75 for +1 and +2 . Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday June 25th: Market came in strong off the open with an 8 point rally and breaking the key 1580.25. Long 1580.00 for -2 and a deeper pullback. Long 1577.50 and 1576.50 for +1, +2 and +3 on all. A break below the 1578.00 = a test of 1573.00. Short 1578.25 for +1, and +2 and flat before the news. Then it’s sidelines till the market either breaks 1573 or 1576. 73 broke, short 1572.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Monday June 24th: We opened with shorts in play and a break of 1570.50 = more downside with a target 1561.75. 1570.50 broken, short 1569.25 for +1, +2, and +3.  We have one more shot at it on a decent bounce to 1567.00. Short 1566.50 for +1, +2, and +3. We are way ahead of schedule for the month and that was enough for the morning.  Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Friday June 21st: The market has had some serious selling over the last several days. We bounced during the overnight to key resistance at 1597.25 but also have been holding the 1591.00 area support for some time. They are range bound. Off the open a move below 1590.50 = shorts for a test of the lows but we had to wait for everything to line up. Short 1590.75 for +1 and +2. We can try shorts one more time a little higher, short 1690.50 and had to scalp it as buyers just would not stop, +.5. We had a spike to 1592+ and then sellers hit it hard and back below 1590 again = short. Short 1589.50 for +1 and +2. Then it was back and forth, up and down whipsaw all the while staying below the key 1590.00. We opted for a breakout to the downside, trading 1586.25 = a test of 1583.75/1582.75. Short 1586.50 or better for +1, +2, and +3. Total for the day: +3.5 one lot basis

Thursday June 20th: We opened down around 13 points this morning. Although shorts were in play we were also right above key 1605 support. Best to wait for a break of 1605 then look to short. 1605 broken and we took shorts at 1603.75 for +1 and a test of the low expecting a better bounce to the 1607.50/1808.50 area. Short 1607.50 and 1608.25 for +1 on both looking for just a pullback for longs. However, longs set up right at news off of the 1605 so we had to pass. Back below 1605 it’s shorts again and short 1604.50, almost at the same place as our earlier shorts. +1, +2, and +4. After the fact looks easy to say we should have just held our shorts but we stuck to our plan and wrapped up our trading for the morning. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Wednesday June 19th: A quiet morning as expected today ahead of FOMC. Some nice moves after the announcement but we are not interested in trading it. Keep it simple. Shorts were triggered off the open 1645 to 1646.00. Short 1645 and 1646.25 for +1 and +2 on the 45’s and +1, +2, and +4 on the 46’s. The market bottomed at a good support and our 1641.00 target. Back above 1643’s it’s longs again. Long 1643.75. for +1. Some traders opted for longs a bit higher 1644.50 for +1 and our 1646 area target. One last short below 1644 again for +.75 conservatively as the range is tightening. Total for the day: +2.75 one lot basis

Tuesday June 18th: We opened just above key support after some premarket shorts were in play. Above 1635.00 longs are triggered but like yesterday, we had to be patient. Long 1636.00 and took 3 ticks as it’s a bit high. Will try one more time lower, 1635.25 area. Long 1635.50 for +1 and +2. Now it’s back to sidelines and let the market sort this out. If the ES trades to 1638.50 it’s a breakout for at least 1640.00. Long 1638.25 for +1. Again it’s sidelines. Took an early scalp short 1641.50 for 3 ticks. That was enough for the morning with FOMC tomorrow. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis

Monday June 17th: Market went straight up off the open. We were looking for longs but had to be patient. Longs looked OK off of 1634’s but we passed on them. Above 1634.00 with 1635.75 good support we took longs twice. Long 1636.75 for +1. Exited. Then long again at 1636.00 for +1 and +2. One more long off of 1638.75 for +1 and +2. Market was quiet most of the day after the early rally. Later in the day there were some nice shorts we took during members time at1635.75 and lower at 1631.50, but are not included in today’s results. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Friday June 14th: Longs were triggered after the open and for the second time this week had tech issues so did not get the longs off of the 1629.50. Members did get it for +1 and +2 and higher. Took some agr secondary longs 1632.25 for -1.5. Below 1632 it’s back to shorts. Short 1631.75 for +1, +2 and +3. Additional shorts 1629.50 for +1 and +2. Shorts again on a break of 1626.00, Short 1625.50 for +1 and +2. Longs are triggered on a move above 1624.50. Agr longs 1626.00 and more conservative longs 1625.00. +1, +2 on the 1625’s and +1 on the 1626.00’s.  Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Thursday June 13th: We knew below 1612 the ES wanted to trade lower but we had to be patient. Our downside target is 1607.50 area. The market broke lower, below the 1610.25 and we took shorts at 1609.50 for +1 and +2. The market moved higher after spending some time in a range and we had two choices, buy 1614 area OR more conservative 1612.50 to 1613.00. Long both. The 1614 was agr and stops for the 1614.00’s will be handled at the conservative entry stop of 1610.50. +1 and +2 on the 1613 and +1 on the 1614.00. One quick breakout trade at 1616.25 for +1 and our 1619 target area.  Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Wednesday June 12th: Secondary longs off the open with a strong YM looked like the way to go. Long 1637.00 and after 5 or so minutes it broke. -1.5. Still good support so try it once again small, Long 1635.50. If 35 does not hold it’s back to shorts. -1 on the longs and short 1634.75 for +1 and +2. Short again 1634.00 for +1, +2 and +6. Market is breaking hard. 1629.75 to 1630.50 good solid res. Short 1629.75 +1. short 1629.25 +1, Short 1630.25 for +1 and +2. One last chance for sellers 1631.75 but passed for now. Below 1626.50 it’s shorts again. Short 1626.50 for +1, +2.  Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Tuesday June 11th: We had shorts set up right at the open off of the 1627.00. It was fast and could only get filled at 1636.50 for +1, +2, and +3 hitting our 1621.75 target. Then we had longs triggered right before the report. Some traders took it for +1. News came out and they broke the key 1626.50 area and we shorted 1625.50 for +1. Then tried better shorts 1627.50 and taken out -1.25. Above 1628 shorts are done. Longs were in play above 1627 but no pullback till 1630 and just not low enough. A move above 1631.00 = a test of 1634/36 and provides something to lean on. Long 1632 and almost taken out as just a bit high on the longs. +1, +2.  Total for the day: +1.75 one lot basis

Monday June 10th: We opened higher today with good support below. Tried secondary longs as 2 had already worked nicely premarket. Long 1654.75 -1.5. OK, will try one more time long 1644.24 for -1.5. Conservative traders should not be in these trades and they are always done small size. Below 1643 = shorts for a text of 1638.50. Short 1642.75 for +1. Short 1642.25 again for +1, +2, and +4. Above 1641 longs are triggered. Longs 1644.50 but no fill here. Traders in the room got in for +1. A little better pullback to 1643.50 and long 1643.50 for +1, +2, and +3. Below 1645.00 = a test of 1643 area. Short 1644.25 ( bit low and 1645.25, both entries acceptable. a move to best rest 1645.50 says take quick profits on the 1644.25 for +.5 and +1 on the 1545.25. Market is choppy up here against the big 1646 resistance. Even so, back above 1645 = longs for at least 1647.00. Long 1645.50 for +1 and our test of 1647.00. That was enough for the AM trading. Choppy days provide more trades but not a lot of follow through. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Friday June 7th: It’s Friday and we had the jobs report out today which they seemed to like. Off the open we were looking for some continuation. I had longs 31.50 and managed to squeak a point out then my DOM froze and had to reboot. When I finally got back on line, we had broken key support at 1528.50 and stalled at our 1626 downside target. It looked good for a short at 1629.00 to 1629.75 but I could not get everything back up and running in time to place any orders. Traders in the room did however manage to get +1 from the 1629.00 shorts. Back above 1630 and a really strong YM = a test of the high of the day. A tad early but took longs 1630.75 for +1 and +2. If we trade to 1633.75 it’s a breakout. Long 1633.75 for +1. Then it was wait patiently. We had some good indications of either 1636.25 or 1634.50 support for longs. Hit it long 1626.50 for +1 and +1.5 and called it a morning. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Thursday June 6th: Agr shorts off the open at 1608 looking for a pullback to 1606 was taken out for -2. We had two possibilities, sell 1608 for a pullback for longs off of 06, or sell 1610.75/1611.25 for a pullback to 1609/8.25 for a long. Shorted 1610.75 for +1, Hit it again for +1 and +2. Hit 1611.50 for +1 and +2. Long 1609 and 1608.50 for +1, +2, and +5. Below 1609.50 shorts are triggered after hitting our upside 1613.75 tartet to the tick. Short 1609.25 for +1 and +2 and our 1606 target we were looking for off the open. Then 2 possible longs, 1507.50 or 1610.50. The more conservative long 1610.50 good for +1 and our 1612.00 target. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Wednesday June 5th: A much smoother ride today. Off the open we took shorts against 1626.00 for +1 and +2. Then quick scalp longs before the news. Long 1625.75 for +.75. The market was still a bit whipsaw so we waited for key support or resistance to break. 1624.50 broken, short 1624.25 for +1, +2, and +3. One the sidelines again. We have strong support in the 21 area and the ES traded to 1620 with a lot of buying, for about 30 minutes, enough to keep us on the sidelines. A break of 1620 will triggers shorts again. short 1619.00 and 1618.50 for +1, +2, and +3. Total for the day: +4 one lot basis

Tuesday June 4th: Today was a bit whipsaw back and forth for the first hour and a half. The market opened and went straight up hitting several of our upside targets without any real way to get in. We waited patiently for the market to show us support and on a nice move higher took longs at 1643.50 for a 1645.75 target. ES came right back down and took us out. -2. Below 1642 shorts should be good for a 1639.50 test. Short 1541.25 and the market went right back up. -2. Had to stop for a second and see what’s going on here. Back above 42.00 should be good for higher, long 1642.00 and almost taken out again but market looks weak. -1 on the exit. Back above 1643.00 it should be good for longs and our 1645.75 target was hit so = higher 1646.50 to 1647.25. Market broke and took us out again fr -2. Rough way to start the day. On that break key support at 164 broken which triggered shorts. Short 1639.75 for +1 and +2. Short 1638.75 for +1. short 1639.75 for +1 and +2. Above 1639 longs triggered for +1 as below key 1640.50 resistance. ES Broke lower below 1638.50, short 1638 for +1 and +2. Hit it one more time short 1638.00 for +1 and +2. Breaking 1636 says a stest of 1632.00 is in order. Short 1635.25 for +1, +2, and +3 and 1632.75 exit. Waited for a while and long 1534.75 for +1 and +2. Long again 1634.75 for -2. ES broke hard, Short 1632.00 for +1, +2. short 1629.75 for +1 and +2. Short 1628.75 for +1 and +2. A lot of work with little to show for it. Runners did very well but you had to trade longer today and stick to the plan to turn one lot trades around. Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Monday June 3rd: Today, the first trading day of June we opened slightly up but clearly below key 1638.00 resistance. A break of 1631.50 = a test of 1629.50 and 1627.00. Short 1631.00 for +1 and +2 and cautious as YM quite strong. We let the market bounce around and after the reports it made a move to the upside of 10+ points. A pullback to 1632 area is buying territory. Long 1632.50 for +1 and +2. Then right back to resistance. Another move of 10+ points lower and we took shorts at 1628.50 for +1 and still cautious given the strength of the YM. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis


May 2013 Total: 55.75

Friday May 31st: The last few days have been interesting as the market has been hit on the shorts on every rally and taken down hard. The volatility is up a bit which makes it a little more challenging at times as levels that typically hold have been breaking without much notice. We opened with a nice long trade set up off of the 1646.75 area. Long 1646.75 for +1, +2, and +3 and flat before the Chicago PMI. The report took us to the 1653.75 target we had. Then Consumter Sentiment was due out just before the top of the hour. Both reports were good. We tried longs at1651.75 and were taken out quickly for -2. We tried one more time at 1650.00 which normally would produce a bounce and no buying came in. -2 again. Below 1648.50 it’s shorts. Short 1648.25 for +1. Tried hitting it a bit higher again, short 1648.50, for +.5 as it was clear buyers would not let it break. Back above 1649.00 longs were triggered and we have several possibilities. Tried longs 1650.75 for +1 and BE on the Balance. Long again 1650.50 for +1 and BE on the balance. OK, one more time, long 1649.50 for +1, +2, and +4 for our upside target of 1653.75. However while waiting for higher targets we had a breakout trade triggered. Long 1653.00 for +1, and +2. That was enough for the morning and the month. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis

Thursday May 30th: We opened up today but in sell mode with secondary shorts triggered just before the open. short 1649.75 for +1 and +2 and our 1646.75 target tested.  We had a strong move of 11 points off the 1646.75 and were waiting for a pullback to get in for higher targets knowing 1658 should hold on the upside for now. The Pending Home sales came out and the market bounced about but looked lik 1656.50 would hold for support. Long 1656.50, eventually breaking lower and stopped for -2. Longs are still good from lower, 54/53 area. Long 1654.00 for +1, Long 1653.00 for +1. Back above 1655.00 = a 1657.00 test. Long 1655.75 for +1. Below 1655.00 short 1655.50 for +1. This back and forth in the tight range will wear you out so called it a day. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Wednesday May 29th: The market was a bit whipsaw this morning, up 4 pts, down 4 points, back and forth so we proceeded with caution. 1649.75  is major resistance along with 1650.75 right above. The sellers hit it hard twice off that area. The second time we jumped in short 1646.25 looing for 1644.75 and 1643 area. +1 and out as buyers coming in strong. Back above 1648.00 longs are triggered. Long 1649.00 for +1 and exit with all the selling at 1649.75 resistance. A break once again below 1646.50 = 1644.25 and 1641, then 1637.75. Short 1645.50 for +1, +2, +3. Low of the day  1638.00. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis

Tuesday May 28th: The market was in a strong trend at the open with a 20 point move behind it from the overnight. Tried longs at 1666.50 as it looked good for higher targets. Stopped -2. Bought 1665.00 again for +1, +2, and +5. Along the way we took a breakout long at 1668.00 for +1 and +2. One more long off of 1670.25. Long 1670.50 for +1, +2. We had to be patient but timing for shorts was kicking in and back below 1670.00 = a test of 1668.00 and possible 1665.50. Short 1669.75 for +1 and +2. That was good enough for the morning: Total for the day: +2 one lot basis

Monday May 27th: Memorial Day – No Trading

Friday May 24th: Started the day with a pretty agr short given the bounce off of the 1637.00 area. Short 1639.50, -1.5. Short 1641.50, +1, +2. It was either 9.50 shorts or 41.50 shorts. But now back above 1641.00 it’s long off of 1639.00. Long 1640.00 +1. Below 1639.00 it’s shorts again. Short 1638.50, and 1639.50, 2 small positions. Both good for multiple points. +1, and +2 looking for our 1635.00 target. Low of the day, 1634.50. Back above 1637.00, long 1637.50 for +1 and +2. Headed in to the long weekend. Total for the day: +1.5 one lot basis

Thursday May 23rd: 2 quick shorts off the open, 1637.75 for +1 and 1639.75 for +1, +2, +3. After the report, the market rallied above the key 1642.00. Long 1642.50 for +1, +2. That was enough for the morning. The volatility is still here so we will stay in the cautious mode and the stick with our modest goals for today. Total for the morning: 3+ one lot basis.

Wednesday May 22nd: The ES bottomed off the open at 1668.00 support. A move back above 1669.50 triggers longs. We have two options once again, trade the breakout Long 1670.75 or wait for a pullback and test of 1670.00. Long 1670.75 for +1 and out in front of news. The market went ballistic breaking to new highs and then some. No entries for us and we won’t chase. Finally above 1680.75 and holding, a print of 1683.00 = 1684.50. Long 1683.00 for +1 and flat. That was it for our upside and the market started to plummet. A bounce to 1675.00 and short 1674.75 for +1. Expecting a higher bounce to 1678.00 for better shorts. Short 1677.50 for +1, +2, and +3.   Total for the morning: 4+ one lot basis.

Tuesday May 21st: Market was strong coming in to the open. We have 2 upside targets, 1669.75 and 1672.50. Holding key 1665.50 support at the open, Long 1665.50 for +1 , +2, +3 and flat in front of our target. The market held intermediate support 1666.50 but not looking to get long without some further progress. Above 1668.00 triggered longs at 1668.50 for +1 and that looked good enough for now. There were some speakers today talking about QE and that took the market down below the key 1665.50 that held at the open. No bounce to 1665.50. Market traded below 1664.50 and that was good enough on the bounce to sell for 1661.50 and 1659.75. exited in front of 1659.75 at 1660.50. Low of the day, 1660.00 and +1 and +2, +3 on our 1664.50 shorts.  Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis.

Monday May 20th: We opened slightly down this morning but coming off of key 1659.75 support. Above 1662.00 long are triggered. The market was strong off the open and we have 2 scenarios, the agr breakout trade long 1665.50 which the stops have to be bigger to accommodate that potential conservative trade pullback and entry. Long 1665.50, Long 1663.50. +1 on the 1665.50 after a deeper pullback to the 1662.25, +1, and +2 on the 1663.50.  Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Friday May 17th: Short day today with a few trades. Long 1654.50 off the open for +1 and +.75 as no fill at +2. Market bounced off of 1653.00 support and back to new highs. Bought 1657.50 for +1 and taken out at BE on the balance. Below 1657.00 = 1653.50 test, Short 1655.50 and 1656.25 for +1 on the 55.50 and +2 on the 56.25 and 1653.50 tested.  Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis.

Thursday May 16th: Quality time spent holding 1651.00 after the report then holding 1652.00 = a test of 1654.50, 1655.25 and 1656.50. Long right off the open 1652.50 for +1 and +2. After a small consolidation, Long 1654.50 for +1 and +.75 on the balance as we pulled stops up tight. Next upside target was 1658.25. The high of the move 1658.00. The Philly Fed came out and sellers came in quickly on the negative data. Below 1653.00 = 1651.00 test. Short 1652.75 for +1 and the low of the move was 1650.75.  Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis.

Wednesday May 15th: Buy buy buy was the name of the game today. We broke short term 1645.00 resistance. We knew we would have trouble in the 1647/48 area so expect some pullback for longs. We took longs 1646.00 which looked good at the time, but still possible to see 1644.50. We say both. Long 1646.00 and Long 1645.00. +1 and +2 on both after taking some heat on the 1646.’s. Tried longs again on a move back above 1647.25. Once again a deeper pullback in spite of a strong YM. Long 1647.25 for +1. One last breakout long, a print of 1648.50 = 1650.75 target. +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis.

Tuesday May 14th: The market opened in an uptrend testing the 1631.25 previous close and holding. Above 1632.75 longs are triggered. We had little pullback so took a breakout above 1634.50, Long 1634.50 for +1, +2. Waited a bit for the market to hold the 1635.50 area. Long 1636.00 for +1 and +2. Other traders in the room took additional breakouts as little to no pullback for the morning. Long 1638.50 for +1. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Monday May 13th: We opened above  key 1626.00 support and took longs off the open. Long 1626.50 for +1. Below 1626.00 we took shorts but had to be cautious in the 1625.75 area as still some good support there. Short 1626.50 for +1. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Friday May 10th: The ES was still range bound and Thursday’s sell off was met with buying on the over night to take it al most back to the 1632.00 from where it sold off to settle in a range spending a lot of time around 1627.00. At the open as long as we are below 1626.25 shorts are good for a 1624.50 test. Short 1626.00 fr +1. Market bounced off of that key support and above 1627.00 longs are triggered. Long 1527.50 for +1 and looking for a 1630 test but no follow through. ES sold off again and below 1624.00 it back to shorts. Short 1624.00 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis

Thursday May 9th: Above 1628.00 and holding 1627.50 longs are good for a 1630/1630.25 test. Long 1627.75 for +1, +2. Hit it one more time as YM is strong. Long 1628.25 for +1. Let the Wholesale Trade report pass, a break of 1627.00 = a test of 1624.25. Short 1626.50 for +1 and +2. That was enough. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Wednesday May 8th:  Just prior to the open the ES bottomed at 1618.00 area support. Above 1618/1619 longs are triggered. Long off the open 1619.00 for +1, +2. Then it was waiting to see how they approached contract highs. A move above 1623.00 and holding = 1626.00. Long 1623.75 for +1, +2. It was a trending/grinding day with fewer opportunities this morning but more potential gains in the trades.  Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday May 7th: Market is still somewhat range bound at the open holding 1615 to 1517 for several hours. Above 1615.00 we liked longs. We have 2 possible pullback levels to work from, 1616.50 and 1615.50, we bought both. +.75 on the 1616.50, +1, +2, +3 on the 1615.50. Market broke below 1617.00 key support. Short 1616.50 for +.75. Was not expecting the big drop and exited in front of our 1615.00 support. Market broke further and we tried shorts at 1614.50. Buyers came in strong and would not quit. -2. Back to longs above 1615.50. Long 1615.50 for +1 and +2 Total for the morning: +1 one lot basis

Monday May 6th: We opened up slightly on the ES and down slightly on the YM showing a little disconnect. Lots of buying at the open on the ES and we took a breakout trade: Long 1610.50 for +1. YM broke and kept getting weaker until ES was back below key 1610.50 where we sold 1610.25 for +75. Back above 1511.00 = longs again. Though a bit high, long 1611.50 for a 1613.50 test and hit to the tick. A break below 1611.00 again = shorts. Short 1611.00 for +1. Total for the morning: +3.75 one lot basis

Friday May 3rd: We were looking at a 14+ point gap on the open after the jobs report. We expected buying to come right in on the open off of 1605.50/1606.00. Market pulled back to 1605.50 and we started buying 1606.50 for +1, +2, and +2.5 with an exit just in front of 1610.00. We are not going to short this market but have to wait for news again to pass and back above 1610.00 = longs. Long 1610.25 for +1, +2, +3 with an exit in front of our 1613.50 target. That was good enough for the upside and for the morning: Total for the morning: +2, one lot basis

Thursday May 2nd: Market opend up this morning above it’s previous close of 1578.50 and also above key 1581.00 support. Not interested in shorts and will have to wait for the market to get above 1583.00 to get longs triggered. Long 1583.75 for +1 and BE after the market began to stall but still holding the 1582.75 critical level. We let the market break above the 1585.50 which triggered longs again. Long 1585.75 for +1, +2.  Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Wednesday May 1st: FOMC today and we were not expecting much but the market has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Market opened lower and below key 1589.00 resistance but also holding the 1586.50 area support. We waited till the news came out and took shorts below 1586.50. Short 1586.25 +1, +2, +3. Then let we market figure out what it wanted to do. Back above 1586.00 we bought 1586.75 for +1 and just a scalp. Back below 1587.00 and we shorted 1586.00 for +1. That ended our AM trading. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis


April 2013 Total: 51.75

Monday April 29th: We took it easy today, way above our monthly goal. Plenty of time to get a few trades. We let the market figure out the open for us as it was not clear with a YM breaking into the open and the ES trying to go higher. Key support was at 1580 and we let the market finds its base there and a move back above 1582.25 = longs. Caution though as right at the Pending Homes Sales report which we figured would be slightly higher  given the time of year. Long 1582.00 for +1, +2 for our 1583.75 upside target which was hit. They we just sat out for a while, we don’t have to do anything else right now. Some members took 1585.50 area longs, others, 1586.75 scalps for a 1597.75 target hit to the tick. That was about if for the AM trading. Total for the day: +1

Friday April 26th: We had the ES and YM “disconnect” today with a strong YM and weak ES. While trades can still be taken, it’s more challenging than when they are in sync. YM broke out to the upside and we expected an easy test of 1581.25/75 area given the YM. Long 1579.250 and at the first sign of struggle took 3 ticks profit and glad we did. ES back below 1578.00 is a problem for longs. OK so let’s try shorts even with the YM strong. Short 1577.25 and scalped quickly with YM above 14633. Try shorts just a bit higher, 1578.25 for +1 and still no follow through. OK back to longs. Long 1580.50 still looking for our 1581.75 upside target and we will scalp it for 3 ticks exiting right in front of our target. ES broke hard and back below 1578 again = Short and a test of 1573.75 area. Short 1577.25 for +1 and +2 and flat. The low is 1574.75. Tried shorts one more time, 1576 and 1577.50, +.25 on the 1576.00 and +1, +2 on the 1577.50. Ended the morning trying longs one more time, Long 1577.25 and once again scalped it for 2 ticks knowing 1578.00 would be tough to get through. Shorts were the easy money this morning in the ES in spite of a really strong YM. There was a total disconnect between ES and YM today and that always makes things interesting. Total for the morning: +3.25 conservatively one lot basis.

Thursday April 25th: Patience was the name of the game today with our first trade coming after the first 1/2 hour of trading. At 8:35 MST was bought 1580.00 for a 1584.00 and 1586.50 targets. +1, +2, +3 exiting in front of our 1584.00 first target. Then we let the market digest that last move and we had secondary longs at 1584.50 for our 1586.50 target. We knew the market was extended and it was just a scalp for +1 and we called it a morning for trading as we have already exceeded our monthly goal. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Wednesday April 24th: The market held key 1571.00 area overnight support which should lead to higher prices during the day. The only problem was shortly after the open the YM, the mini Dow became very weak with 2 Dow components down over 5%, AT&T and Proctor and Gamble which weighed heavily on the market and was like an anchor around the S&P’s neck. We saw lots of buying in both indices at the open only to see the YM reverse and make new lows on the day quickly. We tried long 1546.00 and realized quickly this would not work. -1.00. Though shorts not triggered on the ES with the YM breaking hard we decided to take some shorts. Shorted 1574.25 and 1575.75. ES quickly rallied as it really wants to go higher but could get through 1576 area. -1.25 on the 1574.25 and BE on the 1575.75. Market struggled for a bit trying to go higher but it was not going to happen with the YM making new lows on the day. Shorted 1575.50 again and stayed with the trade for a test of the low of the day and our 1571.25 target for +1, +2, and +4. Tried secondary shorts off of 1573. Short 1572.00 for +1. Back above 1573.25 = longs. Long 1574 for +1 and +2. Tried shorts again a little later at 1573.50, a tad low but it looked good at the time. BE on the trade. ES still wants to go higher in spite of the YM. Took one more long at 1575.50 and scalped some profits for +.5. Total for the morning: +1.5 one lot basis

Tuesday April 23rd: The overnight trading gave us several clues to higher prices off the open. The 2 most important were holding the 1561.50 area and breaking 1564.50 right before the open. Long 1564.50 looking for 2 initial upside targets, 1567.00 and 1570.00. +1, +2, +5 exiting in front of 1570.00 upside target. We let the New Home Sales and Richmond Fed Mfg reports pass. A move back above 1569.25 = a test of 1572.00. Long 1569.75 for +1 and +2. The market stayed in a tight range below our next 1573.00 target for about 45 minutes and a break of 1572.25 = a test of 1575.00/1576.00. Long 1572.75 for +1 and highe meough for the morning. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis

Monday April 22nd: We tried longs right off the open above 1552.50 and a nice move higher off the open. Long 1553.50 and stopped for -2. YM just like Friday broke hard at the open. And just like Friday, below support 1552.50 we hit it short 1551.25 and 1551.00 for our 1548.50 test for +1, +2. We had to let existing home sales pass, they did not seem to like the report. Back below 1548.50 again after the news and we shorted 1547.25 agr breakout entry and 1549.00 more conservative pullback. Both positions for +1, +2, +3 and flat in front of our 1545.00 target. We had to wait now as the test of 1543.00 saw quiet but steady buying and our downside targets for the morning were hit early. Back above 1546.00 triggered longs. Long 1547.00 looking for a 1 pt scalp to test 1548.50. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Friday April 19th: We were in a tight range at the open with strong 1538.00 support but a much weaker YM once again. A move back above 1541 = a test of 1544.00 and 1548.00 overall. We took longs knowing YM below 14455 would be tough for ES follow through. -2 on the longs. Below 1540.00 = shorts and a test of 1535.50/1536.75. Short 1539.50 for +1 and +2 and exited shorts. Buyers came in as expected and back above 1541.00 longs again. We have 2 options. Buy 1542.50 or 1540.50. We tried 1542.50 for +1 and market was struggling and YM still below 14455. With YM at low of the day, tried shorts though not really valid on the ES chart. Short 1542.25. A move above 1543.00 said shorts won’t work and exited 1542.25 BE. ES still wants to run and YM still below key 14455. Longs are the only way to go here, agr 1543.75 entry and add on at 1542.50 looking for 1548.00 overall for the morning. YM broke 14455 and as expected ES went straight up to our 1548 target and higher. +1, +2, and +7. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Thursday April 18th: The market was weaker right off the open and we said during our premarket analysis that a break of 1548 = 1545, 1542, 1538.75, and 1535/1534.50. Short 1547.25 for +1, +2, and +4. Short again 1538.00 +1. Short 1539.25 for +1, +2, and +3. Ended the morning with longs off of 1542.50, +1, +2.Total for the morning: +4 one lot basis. Volatility has picked up a bit this week and the market hit all of our downside targets very early today. We took some nice shorts and a long when things lined up and finished the day early.

Wednesday April 17th: We opened down about 11 pts this morning but above some 1557.00 support. We tried longs 1557.75 but quickly realized that this was not going to work and exited. -1.25 points. A break of 1557.00 and 1555.00 = a test of 1551.50 minimum target. Short 1554.50 and 1555.50 for +1 and +2 both positions. We saw some strong buying off of 1552.00 the low and a test of 1558 area. Still no longs. Back below 1554.00 triggered shorts. Short 1553.50 for +1, +2, and +3 and our 1548.00 target hit. We had to wait again as still seeing some buying coming in. Break of 1548.00 = 1542.00. Short 1547.50 for +1, +2, +3. It’s early and we hit some respectable downside targets which were good enough. Total for the morning: + 2.75 one lot basis.

Tuesday April 16th: We have the bombing of the Marathon in Boston that took the market down yesterday in the afternoon. On the overnight they continued to retrace back to the key 1559.50/1560.00 area. Holding 1565.00 says a test of 1569.50 and 1561.25, then 1563.25 with more upside targets. 2 choices at the open. Long 1558.75 or long 1557.50. Took them both for +1, +2 and +3 and our 1561.25 target hit to the tick. Then it was choppy and sideways with a much weaker YM creating problems for upside on the ES. ES broke 1560 and we tried long 1560.50 and stopped out knowing YM was below the critical 14650. -2 points. Then we hit shorts 1556.50 and 1558.25. BE on the 1556.50 and +1 on the 1558.25 just looking for the 1556.25 test. Back above 1559.50 again and longs triggered. Long 1559.75 for +1, +2 and +3 hitting out 1563.25 target. Additional upside targets, 1566.00 and 1568.00 were hih later in the morning. Total for the morning: +1 one lot basis

Monday April 15th: We had some nice support, 1574.00 at the open. Long 1575.00 for +1 and +2. The market broke and we shorted a bit early, Short 1573.25, for -2 points. We waited for some clear signals and longs were triggered above 1572.5. Long 1572.75 for +1, +2 and our 1576.00 target. A break below 1573 = shorts again. Short 1572.25 for +1 and BE. That was enough for the AM session. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Friday April 12th: We opened down about 6 points this morning which was somewhat expected after a roughly 60 point rally from the 1535 bottom and sellers coming in heavy at 1593 yesterday. We also had a few reports out today that were not favorable. We knew 1581/82 would be good support. Market climbed back above 1582 just before the open. Long 1582.50 at the open for +1, +2, +3. We waited for Consumer Sentiment to come out at 5 till the hour. Market sold off and below 1584.00 we liked shorts but YM still strong. Tried 1582.00 shorts, just a scalp for +1. Waited a bit longer for a break of 1581.75 slightly more agr OR a break of 1581.00, both trades looking for 1579 and 1575 targets, both hit. Short 1581.25 OR 1580.25 both for +1 and +2 if you held for lower. Ended the morning trading with longs back above 1577.00. Long 1577.50 for +1. Total for the morning: +4 one lot basis

Thursday April 11th: The market opened in a tight range with strong 1584 resistance. Below 1583 = a test of 1581.00/1580.75. Short 1582.00 for a scalp to 1581.00, +.5. Back above 1584.00 triggered longs. Long 1584.75 and 1584.25 on a slightly deeper pullback. We knew we might see 1583.75 tested before they took it up. Low of the pullback was in fact 1583.75. +1, +2.5 and flat. We just waited for additional trades that had a good risk reward. Up here at contact highs and multi year highs we were cautious as our 1587.75 target as already hit. We let the market pullback a bit then a move back above 1586.50 = 1590.00 test, then 1592.50/1593.00. +1 +2 on the longs. Total for the morning: +3.5

Wednesday April 10th: They released the FOMC minutes at 7AM MST which caught a lot of traders off guard. Holding 1564/65 = a test of 1568.00 which they did just before the open. Above 1567.00 longs are good for at least 1571.00, 1573.50, 1576.00 with 1580.00/81 good to the morning range. Long 1568.00 for +1 and +3 before we could even move our targets and flat. We had one more shot at the longs 1569.50/75 for our next leg up for +1, +2, +3 and flat in front of our 1573.50 target. Good enough for the AM trading. Total for the morning: +2

Tuesday April 9th: We opened below key 1563.75 resistance. Below 1562 = a test of 1559.50 and 1555.75. Short 1562.00 +1, +2 and flat as market holding 1559.50 area. A break of 1559.50 says we test 1555.75. 1559.50 broken, Short 1559.00 +1 and +2 before Wholesale Trade Report. We waited a bit for a move back above 1557.50 to trigger longs. Long 1558.00 +1 and +2 for our 1561.00 target. That was good enough for the AM Session. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis. 

Monday April 8th: We opened in sell mode with 1548.50 area target. A break of 1548.50 = 1545.00 and 1543.00 key support. Waited for a break of 1548.50 and shorted 1547 and 1547.75 for +1 and +2 on both positions testing our 1545.00. Then we waited while the buyers at 1543.00 gave us good indications to buy. Around 8:36 MST we bought 1545.75/50 for +1 and +2. Some took quick profits (3 ticks) on initial position as we knew sellers would try to hold 1546.50 area. As soon as we broke the 1546.50 our 1548.00 target was hit. Total for the morning: +1.75 one lot basis

Friday April 5th: Market opened down after the overnight trading combined with the Jobs Report which took the market down quickly to key support 1533.50. Above 1535.00 longs are good. Had to let the market open and probe below then get back above 1535.00. L1536.75 as no fill for our 1535.75 longs. +1, +1.75, BE on the last contacts. Then we waited for a while to let the market figure out what it wanted to do. Long triggered again on a convincing move back above 1535.00. L1536.00 for +1 and +2 and flat. We did have upside targets but that was enough for the morning as we hit our weekly goal. Total for the morning: +2

Thursday April 4th: The market saw some overnight movement and increased volume. The Jobless claims was not well received and took the market down near yesterday lows. Coming in to the open above 1549.00/1548.75 says a test of 1551.25, 1553.50, and 1556.00 upside targets in play. L1549.50 +1, +2, +3 and flat expecting a pullback from 1553.50 which never came and straight up to you 1556.00 target and more. Tried longs one more time for 1558.50 target. L1555.75 really want the market to hold 1555.00 but 1554.50 is the line in the sand. Market broke both. -1.25 and short 1554.00 for +1, +2, +3, and +4 flat in front of 1549.00. Short again 1551.50, +1, +2. Short 1551.50 again for +1. That all for shorts and the AM trading. Total for the morning: +2.75 one lot basis

Wednesday April 3rd: The market tested yesterday’s 1568.00 high on the overnight trading to 1567.75 then pulled back to hold the 1564.00’s. Above 1564.00 at the open we bought 1565.00 looking for 1566.50. YM straight up off the open but ES would not follow. 1566.25 high of the day for the ES and +1 for our trade. Below 1564 = 1562, then 1559.75, 1557.50, 1555.00 and more. Below 1557.50 this market is in trouble. Short 1561.00 after the ISM Non Mfg Report for our 1559.75 target and +1 and +2. 1559.75 is important right here but below that 1559.75. 1559.75 broken, Short 1559.25 looking to see if 1557.50 will break. +1 and +2 but no break as of right now. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis

Tuesday April 2nd: Very similar open today as we had yesterday. Market probed 1561.50 and buyers came in. Back above 1562.00 = longs. L1562.25 for +1, +2, +3 before the report at the top of the hour. Then it was sidelines for a while. ES struggled to stay above 1566.00. Back below 1565.50 we took shorts for a 1564.00 test. S1565.50 +1 and flat with 1563.75 low and 64.00 tested. Then it was wait again. Back above 1566.00 said a test of 1568.50. L1566.75 and took 3 tick in front of the 1568.00. Market did not test 1568.50 and 1568.00 was the high of the day. Total for the morning: +2.75 one lot basis.

Monday April 1st: Market opened slightly down but above key 1561.50 support. We waited at the open for a move back above 1562.25 to trigger longs. L1562.75 for +1 and +2. We have to wait for the report to come out, the ISM Manufacturing Index and Construction Spending which they did not like at all. 2 Choices for shorts, 1559.25 or 1561.00. Tried both. Stopped on the 1559.25 for -2, +1, +2, +3 on the 1560.50 shorts and our target of 1557.00 a big support level hit. Waited to see if 1557.00 would break and it did, S1556.50 looking for 1555/1554.50 and 1552.00. +1 on the shorts. 1555.00 broken, tried shorts one more time 1554.25 for +.5 after multiple attempts failing to go lower. Ended the morning trading with longs off of 1555.00 for +1 and our 1556.50 target. Total for the day: +2.5 one lot basis


March 2013 Total: 47.75

Friday March 29th: No Trading Markets Closed – Good Friday Holiday

Thursday March 28th: We opened up on the day again but not by much. YM stronger overall. Above 1557 = 1559 test. L1558.00 right at the open for +1 and our 1559.00 test. News came out and shorts though early looked good. S1555.75. +1 target hit no fill. Back above 1557.00 have to exit. -1. Tried shorts one more time Short 1557.50 (a little low) as we have to stay below 1558.25. Tried to exit with a few ticks profit but YM still strong and ES buyers won’t back down. Back to Longs. L1558.25 & 1557.50. It took a while but our 1560.50 target was hit. Taken out at entry on a tight stop at 1558.25 with +1 on the 58.25 longs and +1 and +2 on the 57.50 longs. Still like the longs in spite of being taken out on a tight stop. L1559.00 again for +1 and +2 to get to our 1562.50 upside target. Total for the day: +1.5 one lot basis

Wednesday March 27th: We came in to the open in sell mode with some nice downside targets ready to be tested. Short 1548.00 for +1 and +2. Then we have to wait a bit. As expected the market triggered longs right around the Pending Home Sales report. We took longs 1549.00 and 1548.00 for +.5 on the 49’s and +1 on the 48.00’s. Then a tad too agr on shorts. Short 1548.25 for -2. Back above 1549.50 it’s long again. Long 1550.50 and 1550.00 for +1 and +2 both positions. One more long to end the morning trading. Long 1552.25 for +1. Total for the morning, +2 one lot basis. 

Tuesday March 26th: We opened up today with both the ES and YM strong. Nice support below at 1551.00. Long 1552.00 +1 and +2 for our 1555.00 target. Flat till the reports. Then 2 longs. More agr breakout long 1555.00 and conservative pullback trade 1554.00. +1 on 1555.00 and +1 on the 1554.00 in front of our 1556.50 target. High of the move, 1556.25. A break of 1553.00 ad 1552.00 triggered shorts. Had to watch this carefully as multiple res levels. Best rest in the 1554.00 area. Short 1553.75 for +1 and +.25. Total for the morning. +3 one lot basis.

Monday March 25th: YM and ES a little at odds today with YM in negative territory and ES staying positive. Good resistance 1556.50 at the open with a weaker YM. Short 1556.00 and 1556.25 for +1 and +2, +.5 looking for our 1553.50/1553.00 target. Market held 1554.00. Above 1556.50 it’s longs. Long 1547.50/1547.75. Took +.5 and +.75 on some and moved stop so -1 on balance. Taken out on the stop after about 30 minutes with plenty of warning for longs. Below 1555.00 it’s shorts again. Short 1554.25 +.5 and just did not like that way it looked and exited. One last try on shorts on a break of 1550.75. Short 1550.25 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis.

Friday March 22nd: We opened above key support at 1544.00. L1544.75 +1 for our 1546 target test. Selling came in a though a little early, triggered some shorts. Short 1544.25, -.75. Back above 1545.00 longs again. L1545.00 for +1 and +2. Tried one more secondary long. L1548.50 +.75 as at key 1549.00 res and just would not break. Some news of sorts came out and short once again triggered. S1547.25 -1.25. Tried one more time, Short 1548.50 +.75. Then back to longs quickly. Long 1548.50 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +2.25

Thursday March 21st: Much more movement today provided some quick opportunities after the open. Short 1544.00 for a 1542.50 test. +1 and no follow through. OK tried a bit higher, Short 1544.50 and 1545.50. -.25 on the 1544.50 and +1 on the 1545.50 and still no 1542.50 test. Above 1545.50 = a test of 1548.00. L1546.00 for +1 before the 3 reports came out. They did not like the news and back below 1545.50 = a test of 1542.50. Short 1545.00 for +1, +2, and +3 and we got our test of 1542.50. Total for the morning +3.75 one lot basis

Wednesday March 20th: FOMC today and we always approach the day with caution before the announcement. Above 1549.50 and 1550.50 longs should be good for our 1554.50 target. L1551.50 at the open. +1 and 1553.25 held the market. One more shot at it. L1551.25 for +1 and BE. Back below 1551.00 shorts were triggered though very strong support below and decided to pass on them. Back above 1551.00 it’s longs again. L1551.25 for +1. Lucky fill as sellers hit anything above 1552.00 for the next 3.5 hours until after FOMC. Total for the morning: +2 conservatively one lot basis.

Tuesday March 19th: ES Opened up slightly above the prev close of 1547.75, above 1548.00 good support longs should be good. YM strong out of the gate. L1550.00 and stopped for -2. However, still holding 1548.00 and 1547.75 prev close and YM still very strong. L1548.50 for +2 full position. Back above 1549.25 = a test of the highs again. L1549.75 +1. We needed to see 1551.25 and 1551.50 trade for upside 1554.50 target. In spite of a strong YM, ES would not go one tick higher than 1551.00. We waited patiently for the market to make up it’s mind. ES broke 1548.00 and we waited even more patiently to sell 1545.75/1546.00 for +1 and +2 with our target 1544.00.  Above 1545.75 went long 1546.50, a little high overall but a test of 1547.75 was the most likely. +1 with a great fill as the high of the move is 1547.50 missing our target by one tick. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Monday March 18th: The market opened down quite a bit on news last night. We broke below the 1539.50 just before the open. Shorts were in play and we said as long as we are below 1539.50 a test of 1537.50 is in order. S1539.00/1538.75. ES holding 1537.75. Exited with +.75 as close enough to target. Back above 1539.50 it was longs. Tried to buy 1541.50/75 no fill. Bought 1543.00 and 1542.00 for +1, +1.5 before news. After the housing report came out, back above 1544.00 we took longs at 1545.00 for +1 and +2 in front of our upside target of 1548.25. Total for the morning: +2.75 one lot basis.

Friday March 15th: Options expiration today and Friday. We took it easy today. Shorts were triggered off the open with 1552.00 and 1550.75 downside targets. S1553.75 +1 and +.25, no follow through before Consumer Sentiment which came out at 5 till the hour. After the report they hit our lower targets. We waited for the market to bottom and hit longs back above 1551.00. L1552.00 for +.5 as market was struggling and then finally +1 and more on additional contracts. Total for the morning: +1.5 one lot basis….have a great weekend!

Thursday March 14th: A busy day with little to show for the morning trading and even stayed a bit longer today for the AM session. YM weak off the open, Shorted ES. S1553.00 +.5. Buyers just kept coming in and YM rallied quickly. Was really struggling. Was just a scalp to get to 1551.75 which we could not quite get there. Back above 1554 = longs for a 1556.75 test. L1544.00 +1 and -.25. No follow through in spite of YM turning totally around. Market sold off and broke 1553 which says a 1551.75/1550.75 test. We did test 1551.75 but took shorts at 1553.25 a bit low. After 30 minutes of nowhere, exited -.5. Tried 1554.00 longs. Market started to deteriorate and a break of 1553.50 says probably test lower. -.5 again. OK short 1553.00. Has to stay below 1553.75. Market broke 1553.75 -1. But quickly long 1554.00 for our 1556.75 target for +1 and +2. High of the day, 1556.75. A break of 1555.00 = 1554/1553 area test. Short 1555.00 and 1555.75. +.25 on the 1555 and +1 on the 1555.75 as had to leave the office. Total for the long morning: +1.5  one lot basis

Wednesday March 13th: Market had topped out after the early premarket reports at 1548.00/1549.00. A break of 1547 = a test of 1546.00, 1544.50, 1542.50. Market broke 1547.00 off the open, tried shorts after a test of 1548.00 but no fill on the 1547.25/1547.50 shorts. Ok sit back and be patient. Break of our 1544.50 = a test of lower, 1542’s. Tried secondary shorts at 1544.00 for +1 and +.25. Market would not break 1542.75 and buyers were easy to see. We had to wait a bit for the market to get back above and stay above 1544.00. Took longs a little early but could see the market wanted to test our 1546.00 and 1547.75 targets. L1545.00 for +1 and +2. More conservative longs above 1546. L1546.50 and took +5. as was taking a very long time, and finally +1 with our 1547.75 target hit. That was good enough for the AM session. Total for the morning. +1.75 conservative one lot basis. 

Tuesday March 12th: We opened again with an upward bias and right at key support of 1547.25. Long at the open 1548.75. YM strong again yet ES still struggling to move higher. Did not like the way it looked and went flat on a break of 1548.50. -1 point. Back above 1549.00 = longs again. Long 1548.50 with 1547.25 has to hold. +1 and +2 but it took a good 30 minutes and we took some heat, 1.25 pts heat. Back above 1549.50 more conservative traders bought 1549.50 for +1. Waited to see how the market was going to react to the 1551.25 prev close. YM in positive territory but ES could not go one tick higher to close the gap. Back below 1549.25 ES is in trouble. Short 1548.75/1548.50 for +1 and +1.5. Was only looking for 1547.25 as YM still very strong. S&P broke the 1546 which = 1543.00 and 1542.50. Market bounced at 1543.00. Back above 1545.25 we took longs, 1546.25 and took 3 ticks as market was really struggling with 1547.25. +.75. Total for the morning: +2.75 one lot basis

Monday March 11th: The S&P coiled in to the 1543 area coming in to the open but was holding key 1542.00 sup for most of the overnight trading. We let the market pullback a bit at the open. YM was fairly strong and holding it’s 310 support. L1542.50 for +1 and +2. Market pulled back again. but back above 1543.50. L1543.75 for +1 and BE. After waiting some more, a move below 1543.00 then back above triggered longs again, L1544.00. Just a bit high but as long as we are above 1543.00 longs should be good for our 1545.00+ target, with bigger upside targets for 1547.75. Took some quick profits on initial contracts of 2 ticks as market pulled back to 1543.00 then bounced and climbed back above 1544.00. +.5 and +1.5, exited everything at 1545.50. Total for the morning: +2.5 

Friday March 8th: The Jobs Report came out and the market liked the number taking it up to 1547.75 June contract. Then it pulled all the way back to the 1543.00 and back to 1446.75 at the open. YM was breaking as this market is way overdone on the upside. A break of 1544.50 = a test of 1542.25 area. S1544.25/1544.00 for +1 and +2. We went flat before the Wholesale Trade report which was a non event. We had to be patient while the market tested our 1539.50 and 1537.50 targets below. The market probed to 1537.50 all the while showing signs of buying. Back above 1539.50/25 = a test of 1542.00. L1539.75 (no fill on 1539.50) for +1, +2 for multiple lot traders who held for higher targets. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Thursday March 7th: We opened in the same tight range with the market holding the 1537.00 lows for several days now. Yet we still can’t seem to break 1544 area. YM strong once again off the open. Breakout longs 1544.25 agr entry knowing we can still pull back to the conservative 1542.00 entry. Market decided to pull back in spite of the YM’s strength. L1542.25/50. Took profits at a point on the 1542’s and held the 1544’s for the next 2 hours. We had several additional long entries along the way. L1543.00/1543.25 and took profits again along the way looking for a pop at least above 1545 and hopefully our 1546.75 target which has been on the table for 2 days. Around 10AM MST we did in fact hit our 1545.50 and exited the rest of the contracts at +2 on the add on’s from 1543.25 and +3 on the original 1542.25/50. Not our typical day to take a position and hold for hours but that was what the market dictated. Total for the day: +3 conservatively/one lot basis.

Wednesday March 6th: Definitely a tougher day today with lots of trades, lots of deeper pullbacks and a small range overall in spite of over 2 million contracts done. We have big players selling 1544’s and big players buying all the way down to 1537.50 our downside target. Long off the open as long as 1543 holds. L1543.50, -1. Short 1441.75, +1, Back above 1543 and a strong YM, L1543.75 +.75. Had to be quick taking some profits as ES just did not want to go above 1544 today. Back below 1543 = shorts again. Short 1542.25 for +1, +2, +3. Tried a bit agr longs off of 1541.25 knowing it was early. L1541.25, -.75. Back to shorts with a breakout short 1539 and add on 1540 for BE on the 39’s and +1 on the 1540 shorts. Tried longs again as market spent an hour holding 1539.25 prev close and YM well above it’s prev close. L1540.25 -1. OK back to shorts. Short 1538.50 for +1 and our downside target of 1537.50. One last long to finish the morning back above the 1539.25. L1539.50 for +1. Total for the day: +3 one lot basis.

Tuesday March 5th: The market made new contract highs during the overnight and was at 6 year highs at the open. 1532.00 should be good support for a move to our minimum target of 1434.75/1535.00, then 1537.50 and 1540.00. L 1532.50, +1, +2, +4. Added to our position after the market bottomed as back above 1535.00 = 1537.50. L1535.50 +1, +2. and 1537.50 target hit. We still have 1540 and 1541.75 upside targets and market is showing no signs of slowing down. Above 1536 and breaking 1537.50 = 1540.00. L1538.25 +1, +2. Total for the AM: +3 one lot basis.

Monday March 4th: We opened above key 1512.00/1511.75 support but also below 1516.50 resistance. Without any news after the open we really have no catalyst to push this market out of the range. YM weaker off the open. Below 1514.00 shorts should see a test of 1511.75/25. Short agr breakout 1512.25 and 1513.00 standard entry. Scalped the 1512.25 as just not breaking the bids at 1511.50. +.5, and +1 on the 1513.00. Above 1514.00 = a test of 1516.50/75. Long 1513.75 +1, +2. Below 1514.00 again = 1512.25 test. Short 1513.50 +1 and +.25 on last contracts. Once again above 1514.00 = a test of 1516.50/75. L1514.75 for +1 and -.5. A deeper pullback to 1514.00 but no shorts triggered. Back above 1515 = our best upside target of 1518.00. L1515.25 +1, +2, BE. That was good enough for the morning. Total for the morning: +4.5


February 2013 Total: 41.00

Thursday February 28th and Friday March 1st, NO TRADING! On Vacation. We hit our February conservative 40 point goal.

Wednesday February 27th: The market had been holding key support all night 1491.00, then the buying started at 1492, 1492.50, 1493.00. It was clear we were going to test the 97/98 highs once back above 1494.00. Long 1494.00 for +1, +2, and +4, Had to wait a bit as a trend day is underway and we had news coming out at the top of the hour. We let the report pass then bought 1500.50 for a 1502.75, 1507.50 targets. +1 and +2. That was enough for the morning and heading out on a long weekend vacation. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis.

Tuesday February 26th: The market moved a solid 10 points from the low of yesterday and encountered some resistance in the 1496 area a good level for sellers to start their campaign. However, coming in to the open 1493 very strong support below was holding. L 1493.oo looking for 1496.00. +1 and +2. High of the move, 1495.75. We tried small position breakouts that did not follow through. +.75, -1.25. Long again at 1492.75/1493.00  for +1, +2, +2. Upside target was 1498.00 but selling came in at 1497.00 hard. A break below 1493 = a test of 1489.50 and 1497.50. S 1492.25 for +1, +2, +3. Then we had to wait a bit. A test of 1489.50 = sellers should come in. Short 1489.50 for +1, +2 but no follow through. Tried longs on the bounce, L1489.50 and taken out -2. Short 1488.00 for +1 and +2. That ended our morning trading. Total for the AM: 3.75 one lot basis

Monday February 25th: Market opened up about 8 points today and looked strong including the YM. Tried longs 1520.75 but did not look good and back below 1521 longs were questionable. Out at BE and short 1520.75 for +1 and no follow through to our 1518.25/1515.50 targets. We were looking for 1523.50 and 1525.50 upside targets on initial longs this morning. Back above 1522 = run at those targets. L1522.00, +1 and +2. Back below 1521 = you guessed it, our 1518.25 and 1515.50 target with the possible 1514.00 and 1512.00 overall. S1520.50+1, +2, +4. Short one more time for our 1514.00 intermediate target. S1518.00 +1, +2, +3. Mutliple lot traders held for an exit below 1513.00 to end our morning. Total for the day: +4 one lot basis. 

Friday February 22nd: Market opened above key 1504.50 but below equally important 1509.50. A breaks of 1508.25 = a test of 1506.50 and 1504.50. Short 1508.50 for +1. Market struggled to go higher. YM broke and we broke 1507.50 on the ES. Short 1506.75/50 for +1 and +2 on the 75’s and +1 and BE on the 50’s. Got a bit agr on the longs but given the 1504.50 level and strong buying every time, thought it was worth a short. L1506.25. Market closed below 1505 exit -1.5. Went long again 1505 and 1504.75. +1. Tried longs again 1506 above 1505. Stopped again and bought 1505 again for +1 and +2. That was enough for the morning: +1 all said and done one lot basis. **Not included in today’s results we did have longs 1507’s that did hit our 1509 and 1511 upside targets later in the day.

Thursday February 21st: Market opened just under our 1506.50 res and tested 1505.00 off the open and broke it. Below 1504 = 1501.50 and 1499.25. S1503 and 1503.25. +1 and +2 for both positions. A break of 1499.25 = a test of 1496.25 however, we already tested one point in front 1496.25 with 1497.25 the low of the day which could be low enough for now. Tried shorts 1500.25 and after clear indications buyers were not going to let 1499.25 break, exited with +.5. Back above 1501.50 = longs for a test of 1504 and possibly 1506. L1502.50 for +1 and market could not get back aboe 1504’s. Back below 1502 it’s shorts again. S1501 for +1 to end the morning trading. Total for the morning: +3.5 one lot basis

Wednesday February 20th: We opened in the middle of a tight range. 1527 was holding and though shorts had some merit, holding 1527.00 with YM taking off to the upside, tried longs. L1527.00. We struggled to get above 1528 and really should see 1528.75. Took some profits +.75, and -.5 on the balance. Below 1527.00 it’s shorts. Shorted 2 positions, 1525.50 and 1526.75, +.5 on the 25.50 and +1 and +.5 on the 1526.75’s. Back above 1526 and YM still much stronger, L1526.50. We gave this as much time as we could to get to the 1528.00. We hit 1527.50 and could not go a tick higher. Took +.5 on some and -1.25 on the last contract. Traded a little smaller as we knew 1527.50 could be tough to get through. Back below 1526.00 = shorts again. Short 1524.75 for +1 and +2. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday February 19th: We opened in the same range we have been dealing with for the past week. Opening today above 1518/1519 the market had a slightly different tone. Off the open the YM headed south to key support and held while the ES kept trying to move higher. Back above 1520 and holding 1519 overall says a test of 1522/1524 area is on the table. Long after the open 1520.50 for +1, +2, and +4. The market went high enough for now so we expected a range bound market for a while. We tried longs one more time above 1523.50, L1523.75. +.75 in front of our 1525.00 target.  Shorts started to trigger but it was a bit too early. Left shorts alone and waited for the market to get back above 1524.00. L1524.50, +1 and called it a morning. Total for the morning: 2.75 one lot basis

Monday February 18th: President’s Day – No Trading

Friday February 15th: Ok, tough day today, little to no follow through for most of the morning. Long just before the open 1519.75 for +1. Tried longs again 1520.25, -1.25. Below 19.50 = a test of 17.50. S 1519.00 -1. Back above 1519.75 = longs. Back to buying, L 1520.00 & 1520.25 for +1 and +1, no follow through but upside target was 1522, high of day is 1521.75 missed by a tick. Back below 1519.50 again = same story, a test of 1517.50 1516.00 possible. S1519.75. Market stalled for 12 minutes. Back above 1520 = shorts are done. -1. OK back to buying for 1522 and possible 1524.00. 18 minutes holding 1520.00 as back below 1520.00 = you got it, 1517.50. Held shorts till we broke 1519.00 where buyers were hitting that area all morning. -1.5. Short 1517.50 and 1518.25, for our 1516.00 target. +1, +2 on both positions. Tried Shorts one more time, S1515.75 looking for 1514.00, above 1516.50 shorts are over. -.75. And longs are in play, L1517.00 and +1 to end the day. Total for the morning: +.5. A breakeven day overall. With options expiration and holiday weekend we could have been more cautious but just following our rules and taking our trades we still managed small profits.

Thursday February 14th: Slow, quiet, but profitable day. Market opened in sell mode, below 1513 = a test of 1511.00. S1512.50 for +1 and BE. 1510.75 is low of the day. Back above 1513 = a test of 1515.50/1516.25, L1513.25 +1, +2. Additional secondary longs, 1515.75 for our 1518.00 upside target. Above 1516.25 = 1518.00 +1 and +2. That was high enough for now and no need to take any more trades for the morning. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis

Wednesday February 13th: We opened above 1518.00 which is strong support. Above 1518.00 we should see 1521.50/1522.00. Long 1518.50 for +1 and +2, +.75 on balance. Market broke quickly and took out our 1518.00 support, S1518.50 ( a little low but should be OK) YM breaking hard and weaker than ES yet ES decided to test the high of the day. -2 on the shorts. Back above 1520.25 says 1521.50/1522.00 which was not hit yet this morning. L1520.25 and L1520.50 for +1 and +1.5, and +1 on the 1520.50. Back below 1520/1519 = our downside targets for 1516.75/1516.00 possible 1514.00. S 1519.25 +1 and +2. Short again for lower targets as 1516 broken. Short 1516.00 for +1 and a 1514.75 test = good enough for now. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday February 12th: Today the market opened just below the critical 1514.00 and probed to 1415.75 before being pushed back below 1514.00 on the overnight. Below 1514.50 a test of 1512.00 was in order. Short 1513.75/1514.00 just before the open for a test or 1512.00. +1 and no fill at +2, out at BE on the balance. Back above 1513.75 = a test of 1515.00. A bit early for longs but things lined up nicely, L1513.75 for +1 and a 1515.00. Sat this one out while some members took the long for +1 and +2. The more conservative scenario is a break back above 1514.50. We got that shortly after the agr(early) longs. L1515.00/1514.75 looking for a 1516.00 target and higher 1519.00 possible upside. +1 and out at -.25 on the balance. Later in the day we took longs for a 1519.00 target which was hit and was the high of the day. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis.

Monday February 11th: We had a big storm in the North East over the weekend and it seemed to have a great effect on the market. Very slow, tight range with little follow through. No news after the open to push the market in either direction. We started off the day with shorts off the open. S1513.25 looking for 1512.50 and 1510.75. Both targets hit for +1 and +2. Tried some early longs given the importance of our 1510.75 support. L1512.25 for +.5 and -.5, BE trade. Market wanted to go lower and our next target was 1509.75. S1510.50 and 1511.00. +5, +5, +.25 on last. Ok no follow through, will try longs one more time. L1511.25. Did not like the way it looked. Exited for +.75. Above 1512.25 that’s a different story. L 1513.00, +.75 and +1. Exited last long with a tick profit as 1514.00 just proving too tough and YM cannot get above 13932. Total for the morning: +3 one lot basis

Friday February 8th: We opened once again in a range, 1504.50 to 1507/1508. Holding 1504.50 all night was a clue to higher prices and we looked for longs just before the open as the trade was setting up nicely. L1507.50 (some members bought even earlier 1505.75) for a move to our minimum target 1509.75. Above 1510 = 1513 and 1515 both targets hit and high of the day as of this posting is 1515. +1, +2, +3 and more for multiple lot traders. Not much to do after that. We are at contract highs on a Friday. We tried cautious long 1513.50 for a 1514+ test. We got as high as 1514.50 but took quick profits as YM was breaking down. +.5. Below 1513.25 shorts are good for a 1512.25/1511.00 test. It took some time and we approached it as a scalp short until 1512.25 broke. +.5 and finally +1 with a test of 1511.25 and market headed back up. Total for the AM +2 one lot basis and at our weekly goal of 10 points.

Thursday February 7th: Market opened a bit higher today above 1506 a key level. Premarket we had longs from 1507.50 for a test of a major 1510.50 resistance. Market tested it perfectly just before the open. Upside targets hit so longs on hold. After the open, below 1508.25 shorts are good as long as we stay below 1509.25. S1508.25, market tested 1509.25 (in a little low but good enough) and looking for 1506.00 downside target. Target hit and +1 and +2. We had to wait a bit for another trade as market still range bound though YM heading nicely lower. We had to wait for a break of 1506/1505.75 which came in a few minutes. Short 1505.25 for a 1503.00 test, +1 and +2. Advanced traders could hold for 1502.50, 1499.25, and 1496.00. All downside targets hit. Total for the AM: +2 conservatively one lot basis

Wednesday February 6th: Once again the market opened in between 1500.75 and 1498.00 for the 3rd day in a row. Above 1500 longs were good for upside 1502.50/1503.25/1506.00 targets. L 1500.75 for +1, +2. Market reached 1505.00, not quite to our target of 1506.00. Secondary longs must be taken with caution. L1503.25 for +1. No fills at 1505.25 for +2. Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Tuesday February 5th:  Market opened almost in the same place as yesterday with some strong res at 1500.75 above and the same support, 1498.00 below. Today the structure supported longs off of 1499/98.75. L1499.50 for +1 and taken out BE on runners. Market was in a tight range and gave us indications that a move to our upside target of 1503.25 and possible 1506 area was on the table. L1500.75 for +1 and +2 (1502.50 minimum target) Total for the morning: +2 one lot basis

Monday February 4th: A bit tougher day at the office. The market started out between 2 key levels, 1500.75 on the upside and 1498.00 area on the downside with buyers and sellers both trying to push the market around. Short off the open looking for a 1497.75/1497.00/1495.75 targets. As long as we are below 1500.75 shorts should be good but the market looked too strong and exited -1 point. Tried longs, 1500.25, a little early but 1499 holding strong, -.75. OK YM weaker again and back to shorts, short 1499.00 for +1. Back above 1500.75 = longs for a 1503.25 target. L1500.75. We had Factory Orders come out and the number was good but not good enough to push through the 1500.75/1501.00. -1.5 on the long. YM weaker again and ES breaking down, short 1498.75, 1498.50, +1, +2 on both positions. 1495.75 holding and YM no new low, so tried longs but knew it was early, very early. L 1497.50, breaking 1496 says longs are done. -2. Below 1495.75 it’s shorts. Short 1494.50 and short 1495.50, +1, +2 on the 1494.50. +1 +3 on 1495.50. Time of day and 1492 says longs are in play back above 1493.00. L 1493.50 for +1. That was way too many trades for today. Total for the morning: +.75 one lot basis

Friday February 1st: The Jobs Report came out today, they liked the number and the market moved near the contract highs of 1506.00 with a high of 1505.50 after the news. We expected sellers to come in and take the market to our minimum target of 1500.50 and possible 1499.50. Below 1504’s shorts are good for a test of 1500.50. Short 1502.50, a little low but 1503 is good enough resistance. Target hit to the tick but no fill for +2. +1 on the trade. The market waited around for the next round of reports, ISM Mfg Index and Consumer Sentiment. The market rallied off of both reports. Back above 1502.75 = a test of 1506.00. No pullbacks so we took the breakout. Long 1506.00 with a target of 1507.50/1508.00. for +1. A nice way to start February and start our weekend. Total for the day: +2


January 2013 Total: 52.25

Thursday January 31st: It’s the end of January already and we have had a great month. Yesterday was FOMC, today jobless claims and a jump up in claims while an increase in personal income had the market opening just slightly above 1493.75 unchanged. Above 1493.00 longs should be good for a test of 1498.00/1500.25. We entered a little agr this morning and took quite a bit of heat on our longs. Long 1495.00 (market tested 1493.25) but as long as 1493.00 holds we should see 1498.00. News came out a few minutes early and our longs went instantly to target. +1 and +2. We have one more agr long for a test of 1500.25. Long 1499.00 and took quick profits at 1/2 point. Below the important 1498 and a break of 1496.75 says 1494.25 test. Short 1496.75 for +1 and taken out on the balance minus 2 ticks. Stop was just a bit too tight as we did hit our 1494.25 target staying below 1498.00. Stayed on the sidelines for a bit then break of 1493.50 = a 1492.00 test. Scalped shorts in to the 1492.00 test for .75 points. Back above 1494 = a 1495.50 test. Long 1493.50 and +1 after 30 minutes of tight range and consolidation. Total for the morning: +3.5

Wednesday January 30th:  FOMC today so we will be cautious with our trading and we are way ahead of our monthly goals so no need to push. Above 1501.25 longs off the open 1502.25. Hit 1503.25 no fills. YM breaking more than we would like. 2 options. Go flat with 3 tick loss OR as long as 1501 holds, longs can still be good. +1 if held, -.75 if went flat. Back above 1502 = longs again. Long 1502.75 for +1 and +2 with our “north of 1505” target hit. High of the day 1505.50. Back below 1503 = a test of 1501, 1499.25, and possible 1498.25. Short 1502.50 for +1 and +3. Total for the morning: +1.25 conservatively

Tuesday January 29th:  We opened in buy mode above 1492.75/1493.50. A print of 1494.25 = a test of 1495.50/1498.00. Long 1494.00 for +1 and +2 exiting in front of our 1498.00 target. Report came out and a break of 1494 = a test f 1492 area however 1493 is a big level for now. We had a choice, sell 1495.00 or 1497.00. Sold both. Typically we don’t add but this scenario warranted short at both levels. Short 1495 and short 1497.25. +1 and +2 from 1497.25. Minus .75 on the 1495.00 shorts. Back above 1496, 1495.75 = a move to test 1498. Break of 1498 = 1499.25. Long 1497.00 for what seemed like forever. Market finally broke 1498 and moved to our 1499.75 target. +1 and +2. Total for the day: +2.25

Monday January 28th: We opened, dropped below, and broke 1498.25 however 1497.00 was strong support. We opted to buy 1498 and hold as long as 1497.00 was holding. After 20 or so minutes, 1497 was broken and we had to take shorts even with a strong YM off of Caterpillar earnings. -2 on the Longs. Short 2 positions 1495.75 and 1496.00 for a 1494, 1492, and 1490.25 targets. +1, on the first position, +1 and +4 on the second position. Back above 1493.50 and further back above 1495.00 we looked for longs. Again 2 positions, L1495.50 breakout and L1494.75 standard entry for +1 on 1495.50 and +1 and +3 on 1494.75. That ended our AM trading. Total for the morning: +2.5

Friday January 25th: Once again a tight range at the open which they held for several hours. YM broke key support levels but ES held the critical 1494’s. We waited patiently for indications of buyers coming in on both markets and a break above 1495.75 triggered longs for a 1497/1497.50 tgt. Long 1495.50 for +1, nothing filled at +2 and the high of the day. Report came out, New Home Sales and it was not received well. A break of 1494.00 = a test of 1492 and 1490.75. Short 1495.25 for +1 and +2 in front of our 1493.00 just to be conservative. Both downside targets hit and the low of the day was in. That was enough for the AM trading. Total for the day: +2

Thursday January 24th: Very tight range starting out but above a key 1487.00 Tried shorts for a 1486/1485.50 test. S1488.25 -1. Back above 1489.00 and it was over for any shorts and buyers were in the drivers seat. Long 1490.00 for +1, +2, and +5 multiple lot traders for our 93.50, 95.50 and went flat. Gave the market some time to digest the last move. Back above 1495.50 longs again for our 1497.50 target. Long 1495.75 for +1. That was high enough for the morning and nearing time of day for a pullback. Breaking 1495.50 = a 1494.25/1493.75 test. S1495.50 for +1 exiting in front of our target. Market kept on going south. A break for 1492.50 = 1491.00 and overall 1488.25 targets. All targets hit. Conservatively +2 for the morning.

Wednesday January 23rd: YM strong off the open. In spite of the YM strength the ES said shorts and to hold them as long as below 1487.75. We in fact held those levels for small profits, 3 ticks and eventually were able to get a point. +.75 for single lot traders. Above 1587.75 = a test of 1489.50. Long 1488.00 for +1 and target hit! Back below 1487.50 says shorts and a test of 1485.50/1483.50 possible. Short 1486.50 (a little late) and +1 for a conservative exit. Total for the day: +2.75

Tuesday January 22nd: Longs were still in play off the open so we went long 1479.75 for +1 with our big 1480/81 resistance right overhead. We said a break of 1479.00 = a test of 1477.00 and 1475.50. Short 1478.50 f0r +1 and +2. 1477.00 hit and 1475.50 missed by a tick. Low of the day is 1475.75. Back above 1477.00 it was longs again. Long 1478.25 OR, more conservative traders Long 1477.75. Both orders filled and profits of +1 and +2 for multiple lot traders. Total for the day: +3

Monday January 21st: U.S. Holiday: Martin Luther King Day – Markets are closed – Members only training session!

Friday January 18th: Slow day at the office. We are heading in to a holiday weekend in the US and also have options expiration along with Consumer Sentiment just before the top of the hour after the open. A quiet, very quiet market during the overnight with a range of 74 area to 77.50/78.00. Above 1476.75 longs are still good though secondary. L 1476.00 for +1 and a test of 1477.00. Market came crashing down in big selling candles breaking our 1475.75 and triggering shorts. I was a little impatient this morning and jumped right in looking for our 72.50 target KNOWING we could bounce to 1475.50/1576.00. S1473.75 and S1475.25. +.5 on the 1473.75 shorts and +1, +2 on the 1475.25 shorts. That was enough for the early AM trading session. Our 2 pt goal hit and still way ahead of the monthly schedule and target. Total for the day: +2

Thursday January 17th: The jobless claims came out this morning premarket and claims dropped 37,000 and the market really liked that to the tune of 9 or so points upside. In addition, housing jumped 12.1 percent in December so all in all good news. Coming in to the open however shorts were in play below 1474.00 and we shorted 1473.25 off the open looking for our 1470.50 target exiting all in front of that target at 1471.25 just to be safe for +1 and +2. Additionally we had Philly Fed after the open, and let the news pass. Market tested and bounced from our 1470.50 target and back above 1472.00 we took longs slightly agr at 1473.00 for at lest 1474.75 target which was hit to the tick for +1. That was enough for the morning results as we are way ahead of schedule for the month. Total for the day: +2

Wednesday January 16th: Same scenario today, market was grinding and having a tough time following through. YM weak all day did not help ES upside. Agr breakout long off the open, L 1463.75, -1.25. Market pulled back to better support at 1462.75, L1462.75 +1, +2. Market was poised to move higher with little to no pullback. Another breakout long, L1465.00 for +1. Market struggling to move higher at our 1466.25 target. Below 1465 we tried shorts. S 1464.75. No follow through and back above 1465.25 = longs again. -.75. Long 1465.75 +1, +2. Later in the morning and timing good for shorts, short 1466.50 for .5, had to leave for 1/2 hour. Came back to see our 1465.00 downside target hit. Back above 1466.00 = longs again, and L1466.50 for +1 and +2. Had to trade a little later today than normal but still hit our 2+ point goal even with a few minor stops. Total for the day: +2.5

Tuesday January 15th: Market opened at key support levels but also with strong res above. Holding 1458.50 = a test of 1461.50. Long 1459.75 +1 and missed 1461.50 by 2 ticks. Tried one more time long 1459.75, took some heat on this one but eventually did turn around as expected and we got our +1 before the report, Business Inventories. News came out and a print (trade at) 1461.25 says 1462.50 should be hit, long right after the news for +1 again. No follow through and the market was just grinding higher all morning. Sellers seemed relentless but the buying was steady and we eventually did get to your upside targets of 1463.75, 1464.75/1465.25 as expected. Total for the morning: +3

Monday January 14th: No news again this morning premarket or after the open so we still have small range market in mind. Shorts off the open as long as we were below 1466.25. +1. YM moving strongly higher off the open so we tried longs looking for at least 1467.50. Long 1466.25. This market just would not break 67 a big res in spite of a strong YM. We scalped a few ticks and lost a point on the last as below 1465.25 shorts were in play, -1. Short 1465.50 looking for 1462.00 and 1459.75 overall. +1 and +2. We went flat as near a good support at 1462. We waited patiently for signs of the market deteriorating and we got them. Short 1462.75 for +1. One last short at 1462.25 for +1 to hit our final target of 1459.75 area exiting at 1460.75. Total for the day +3 

Friday January 11th: It’s the end of the week and we are way ahead of schedule following the eminimony 2 10 40™ Trading Plan which conservatively has a goal of 2 points a day, 10 points a week, and 40 points a month. Coming in to today we are at 20.5 points so at our mid month goal. We decided to take it easy this morning and there is no news today to speak of. The market was in a range most of the night from 1465.50 area to 1468 and 1468.00 was really strong res. We also had some good lower targets we identified premarket, 1463.50 and 1462.00. A break below 1466.50 put shorts in play just prior to the open. We waited to see what the market wanted to do in the 1467.50 area. Sellers came in as expected in front of 1468.00 and we shorted 1466.50. As long as we are below 1467.50 shorts are good. It took a while but we did get to our 1463.50 target as well as our 1462.00 which was missed by a tick and they held 1462.25 for 30 minutes. +1 and +3 multiple lot traders. Total for the day +1

Thursday January 10th: Today we had to approach the market very carefully as news from China’s exports rallied the market through to 5 year highs. Buyers were enthusiastic yet sellers found plenty of reasons to jump in. We tried somewhat agr longs at 64.00 for a 65.50 target. We took 1/2 profit and 1/2 point loss on the rest. BE. Tried longs one more time at 62.50. BE again. OK last chance for buyers is 61.00 a key support level, long 61.25 and we made +1 exiting in front of 63.00 where sellers kept hitting it. One more time down to 61.00 and we bought 61.50, +.75 as sellers still coming in. A break of 61.00 says a 1458.00 target and then 1456.50. A big break to the downside almost looking like a news event triggered shorts at 59.50 for a 58.00 target. Target hit for +1 and a bounce to 49.50. Short again 49.50 for +1 and another bounce to 60.25 but not enough to trigger longs. We waited for the market to get back below 1459.00 and shorted 1458.25 looking for our 1456.50 target which in fact was hit and the low of the day currently is 1455.75. Total for the day: +3 

Wednesday January 9th: Still no news to speak of today so expecting a smaller range day and lower volume at the open supported that idea. Also, back above 1451.00 = back in the range. Only today we opened above 1454.00 which said a test of 1457.00 and higher, 1458.50/1459.25 was coming. Long off the open at 1455.50 for +1 and a tight stop for BE on the balance. A little pullback with YM moving strongly higher and we waited for a move back above 1455.50. Long 1455.75 for +1 and +2 with our 1458.50 and 1459.25 targets hit. Then we had to leave it alone until we broke back below 1458.00. Below 1458.00 we shorted 1458.00 for a 1456.00 test for +1 and a low of 1456.25. Total for the day: +3

Tuesday January 8th: Market was holding 1453.00 good support at the open and we had indications of a test of 55 minimum target with a potential of 56.75. Long 53.75, a tad high, but as long as 53 holds longs are good. +1 and no fill on +2, moved stop so +.5 and exited balance with 1/2 point. Back below 53 says 1450.75 test. Short 1452.75. High of move 1453.25 with +1 and +2 and flat in front of strong support at 1450.75. We sat on the sidelines looking to see if 1450.75 breaks as that says 1448.00 test coming. short 1449.25 first attempt knowing a move higher would warranted more shorts. Market stalled at 1450.25 and we shorted again at 1449.75 for +1 and +1, and +1 on the 1449.25’s just to be safe. We closed the room to guests at that point and did our daily Members review. See you tomorrow! Total for the day: +3

Monday January 7th: Well today once again was just like Thurs and Fri. Back below 1455.00 and we took shorts. Short 1454.75 for +1. Market hemmed and hawed around the 1453.00 (what a surprise), but finally broke 1453.50 and we took shorts one more time at 1453.25. Again no follow through and took quick 1/2 point profit. Back above 1454.00 was looked for longs and bought 1454.50 fr +1. We let the market figure out what it wanted to so as it was range bound for about an hour and a half. Finally once again broke 1453.50. Short 1453.25 for +1 and +1.5 to end our morning with our minimum goal of at least 2 points. Total for the day: +3.5

Friday January 4th: Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday off the open and just about at the same prices. Below 55 shorts again. Short 1454.00  for +.5, looking for same target as yesterday, 1452.50 area. But like yesterday, they started buying at 1453.00 and we took quick profits for 1/2 a point. Back above 1455/1456 it was longs again. Long 1456.50 for +1 and +2 multiple lot traders. Market pulled back after the Factory Orders and ISM Non Manufacturing but not enough to trigger shorts. Back above 1457.00 we tried longs one more time, Long 1457.25 for +1. Total for the day: +2.5

Thursday January 3rd: Took an agr long off the open. Conservative approach was market needs to print 1457.00 to confirm upside (never happened) or break 1455.00 for shorts. Long 1456.00, -1. Market broke 1455.00, short 1453.50 (agr) and 1454.25 (conservative) for +5 and +1. Back above 1456.00 = longs again for our upside 1458.50 target. Long 1456.00 and 1455.25 for +1 and +1 and +2. We ended the AM with one more long off of 1456.25 for +1 our upside target of 1458.50 (not hit yet) and best upside target of 1459.75. Targets hit. High of the day for the next 1.5 hours was 1460.00. Total for the day +2.5

Wednesday January 2nd: Off the open market broke 1448 a key level. Long 1448.50 looking for our 52.75 target. +1 and +2 for multiple lot traders. We got a deep pullback but not enough to trigger shorts. Back above 1448 again = longs but we had no pullback to buy so we took a more advanced breakout. Printing 1451.00 = 1452.50 minimum target. Long 1451.00 for +1. High of the day is 1452.75. Back below 1449.00 we took shorts at 1448.75 for an initial 1447.50 target for +1 with 1445.00 lower target hit later on for +3 multiple lot traders. Total for the day: +3