Market Perceptions

On any trading day there are winners and there are losers. Statistics say 10% are winners and 90% are losers. Why do the 10% win consistently and the 90% lose? It’s not about software, indicators, or timeframes. Successful traders are varied in their methods and the tools they use.

It all comes down perception!

“It’s  not  WHAT  you  see;  it’s  HOW  you  see it!”

If you had a losing day today, the question you have to ask is  “What did the traders who made money today see that I did not?” Profitable traders “see” the market differently than losing traders. They have the same data, the same markets, basically the same charts, indicators, floor pivots, etc that all other traders have. BUT…..they see these things from the opposite perspective.

If you want move from losing to winning then you have to change how you view the market. You have to let go of what you think you know about the market and learn to see what the professionals see.

There’s an old cliché. “The market is always right”.

If the market is always right and you are always wrong then you are imposing your views on the market. Professional traders let the market show them where it wants to go. Learn to see the market for what it is and not what you would like it to be. Learn to let your biases and opinions go and let the market show you what it wants to do. The market will give you plenty of clues as to where it wants to go if you know what to look for.

At we can show you how to change your perspective of the market and learn to see the market like a professional trader.

Good Trading!