Struggling to Profit

There’s really no need to struggle to make a few points a day. What is necessary is to change your perception of what real professional trading is. You don’t have to take 10 trades a day or make 20 points a day. What you do need is a straightforward way to interpret the market action. In short, you need to learn to read a chart. 90% of all trades try and trade off of indicators. 90% of all traders lose. Indicators have their place but if you can’t read the top half of the chart it does not matter what you put at the bottom of the chart.

Struggling traders do not understand typical market movement and how the levels that are market dictated are tested over and over again. So they rely on the indicators to guide them. They don’t understand market structure and it’s impact on high probability trades. It’s not that difficult getting in to the 85% to 90% winning category once you have a solid method. A solid method with a sound trading plan like our 2 10 40™ Trading Plan will allow you to reach conservative yet respectable goals. When you let go of your preconceived notions about trading, and are willing to step back and see the market for what it is and not what you want it to be, your trading will change. But it’s not the market that is changing, it’s your perspective. That is why they say “we trade the ourselves, not the market”. It’s our own biases and ideas about trading that get in the way of the simple process of buying and selling with low risk and high probability.

We teach a straight forward approach to the market. We want to make our minimum goal of 2 points a day and get it done in 3 hours or less. Then we go and enjoy the rest of our day. That’s why we got in to trading. Not so we could spend every waking moment obsessed with trying to find something, anything, that works on a consistent basis. We have that method and we have the know how to help you achieve your goal of successful emini trader.