Eminimoney Quick Reference

EMM Quick Reference

Basic Rules
1) Break sup or res (swing)
2) EMA confirmation (5 crosses 15)
3) Entry = S&R – EMA’s – Fibs
4) YM in agreement with ES

EMM Guidelines
1) No Break, No Trade
2) The Open, wait for 2 candles
3) Market always pulls back
4) It’s OK to miss a trade
5) Wait for, not look for trades
6) Don’t trade against divergence
7) Follow the rules
8) Scalping, 1 to 3 ticks is OK
9) Know when to walk away
10) Market is always right
11) Focus on Primary Trades

Red Flags/Warnings for trades:

1)     Major 50% level of the day or key 60M chart level/range

2)     Breaking a level by one tick or just one candle.

3)     Time of day…..early breaks of an established trend may result in failure to follow through if very early in the day

OCC – Opposite color candle = valid pullback. However it’s not just the OCC, but the OCC testing the correct support or resistance level, this is a great timing tool and will aid in patience

Patience, Patience, Patience. Waiting for the OCC is designed to keep you from jumping in to the market for ANY reason and YES you may MISS THE TRADE! It forces you to wait no matter how bad you want to enter the market

New Eminimoney Traders – NO AGR OR EARLY ENTRIES FOR ANY REASON – No exceptions!

Stick with basic conservative primary entries, let the market come to you

Always default to market structure which trumps the EMA’s every time

NO Chasing any time. Wait for the pullback or miss the trade. Remember OCC!!!