Chart Setup

Our preferred time frame of choice for trading the emini S&P is the 5M chart. We also monitor a 5M YM and a 5M which is the emini Dow Futures and a 5M NQ, the emini Nasdaq. We get our big picture analysis from our 60M ES chart, this is also where our targets are mapped out for the entire day prior to the open. Once you understand how to read the 60M chart properly for target levels it should only take you a few minutes before the market opens to have your targets for the day.

Our chart indicators are as follows:

Stochastic using settings of 3 Period D, 14 Period K, and 3 Smooth. If your platform is not Ninjatrader your D, K, and Smooth may be in a different order but the values will be the same. Be sure that your Stochastic does not update in real time. For Ninjatrader users, that would be “Calculate on bar close” would be “TRUE” in your data settings for the stochastic.

EMA’s, we use the 5 period and the 15 period ema’s in our trading. These will update in real time.

Bar Timer: This counts down the time left on the current candle.

We put these indicators on our 5M ES chart, our YM 5M chart, and the NQ 5M chart. We do not use any indicators on our 60M chart, but some traders like to use them to keep all charts the same. Those are the only timeframes and markets we watch. We make all our trading decisions from the 5M ES chart supported by the 5M YM chart, but will make sure the 5M NQ is not running totally against the ES and YM which on occasion does happen. We trade towards the 60M chart levels that become our targets and are identified in premarket before the open. Most of the time we will have the 60M and YM right on top of the ES 5M chart so we can see them all at once. It works very well and keeps everything in front of us without having to look left or right to monitor the market. Below is a screen shot of our basic screen/chart setup.

At times we monitor the Time and Sales and have also programmed it to show Green background when buying is taking place and Red background when selling is taking place.

Below is a snapshot of the Time and Sales Properties if you want to edit your properties. Make sure to “Set Default” after making the changes. See below:

T&S Properties

This will get you up and running for trading so we are both looking at the same things.

These are just suggestions and the look of your charts is a personal thing, use whatever colors and format you wish.